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About the Soundevotion Competition

Soundevotion comes from the name of a music group that was active in the Demoscene during the 1990's. During those days, music tracking competitions were a regular event at Demo parties, on websites (such as GroovyCompo, a big inspiration) and even on IRC. Interest in seeing a regular tracking competition again lead to the development of the Soundevotion Competition. The goal at SDCompo is to bring musicians together to compose and share inspiring and original music.

How each round works:
  1. The competition proceeds in rounds with each round having a tracking and voting period.
  2. During the tracking period entrants will have until the tracking deadline to compose their track using the samplepack and according to the rules of the current round.
  3. When the tracking period ends, voters (any member with 3 or more entries) & entrants begin listening to the tracks and the voting period begins.
  4. During the voting period, voters & entrants listen to each track, optionally downloading tracks to see how they were composed, learn new techniques, and check out how the samples/instruments were used. Everyone is encouraged to leave comments for the entries while listening. Upon hearing all the entries you vote on your top 5 favorites using the online voting system.
  5. When the voting period is up, the results of the round are released! A new round begins shortly after!

To keep things interesting the samplepack, theme or rules can change from round to round. For example one round may be a samplepack and the next round may be a VST instrument or have a theme such as Winter or DnB, etc. We invite you to start sharing your music & become a part of the Soundevotion Competition community today!

The Soundevotion Competition Team

Thanks to the following people for helping develop this website.

Valacar - For providing the Soundevotion Competition logo as well as time and help with design and numerous technical issues.

Harmony Steel - Provided knowledgable feedback throughout development, numerous design improvements and ideas.

Mick Rippon and Rob - For many ideas, consultation and site improvements.

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