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Enok by Sagosen

Round 1
Author Sagosen
Title Enok
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Score 3, 1, 1, 1Total Points: 6 (4 Votes)
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Authors' Notes

Nice little melodic and funnily structured melody. :)

I like the beat!

Made in two short sessions, thank you mucho grande for reminding me to send it in! Hehe..


Comment by hcys on 2006-04-07 04:13:57

I wasn't getting the beat at first, but as soon as it started to integrate with the rest, it got the better of me. Very nice!

Comment by Sonicade on 2006-04-07 05:51:40

Nice chords and use of the samples. The Kalimba melody is nice and pleasant. It might have been nice to rest it and then bring it back in at some point. Nice strings and melodies. I like how you used the FX.Passivelnk for a melody, it sounds really cool.

Comment by organic_io on 2006-04-08 00:55:59

one of the only (the only?) non 4/4 song in the compo = +1 bonus points.
i like the tone you managed to get out of the snare, sounds better than most of the others.
i really like the funky bassline stuff. i knew somebody would have to do that
i don't really like how the beat goes all disco with the hihats at pattern 48, it kinda ruins the syncopation you had going there.
great stuff

Comment by Sonicade on 2006-04-08 07:22:26

disco rules! 8D heheh

Comment by goatboy on 2006-04-10 22:52:19

15/8 time, very nice, and interesting when it shifts to 8/8. The song itself is a little robotic for me but gets more interesting at the midpoint when the guitar starts to come in. I'd like to see a more dynamic feel to those kalimba melodies, and then I think the rest would fall into place almost automatically. A great tune!

Comment by organic_io on 2006-08-08 11:06:28

i've been re-listening to round 1 entries, this one is really rocking me today! great stuff

Comment by Sonicade on 2006-10-21 15:13:42

Yeah I'm listening to it again (round 9 just ended tracking) from the streaming playlist and it sounds good! Beat at 2:22+ is rocking.

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