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For What It's Worth by malcolm

Round 14
Author malcolm
Title For What It's Worth
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Authors' Notes

Hi all,

Started learning Renoise about a month ago, found out about Sdcompo about a week ago, and I reckon I've spent about 20 hours in total on this track. Would like to spend more to polish the arrangement and the mix, but I don't have any more time before the deadline. :)

For what it's worth ...


25 March 2007


Comment by andyray on 2007-03-28 13:14:14

a solid chugg-a-long beat... not at all bad for just using the tracker such short time... keep it up!

Comment by SeanCandy on 2007-03-28 21:08:29

Kind of a rock/pop song. It didn't blow me away. Seems you are learning fast though. Took me over a year of having Renoise on my hard drive before even attempting to use it. Too much Reason in my blood. Not a bad effort.

Comment by Sagosen on 2007-03-31 07:36:31

The strings work well with the guitar (which is well executed btw), although the melody is perhaps overly simple in the beginning?
The lead could, in my opinion enter a lot earlier, you seem to stick to a set of chords a bit longer than needed, and that slows down the progression on an otherwise well written melodic track!

Oh, and the lead could perhaps be a bit softer. Or be vocals.
Another tip; The breakdown on pattern 16 was a nice touch, but it could need a li'l bit more build up action, don't cha think? ;)
I also missed a variation of the theme, a middle eight if you may. Next track, try to go totally crazy with the melodies and beat structure and make something you could add to the middle part to liven the song structure up a bit.

Over all, very good job, you've composed a catchy piece of hunk and produced a more than worthy first entry!

Really looking forward to hear your future stuff. :)

Comment by JustinCredible on 2007-03-31 08:30:00


I liked your song right from the beginning - it simply fits my personal taste of music most.
The use of distortion is provided at a very good mix up level - not to strong or to soft.

The melody is nice and uplifting and creates a atmosphere that keeped me interested and in a positive mood.
The beat fits nicely into the overall appereance of the song aswell.
All in all each elements volume level is very well choosen - no track overpowers any other track.

As mentioned before i also think it is remarkable what you have created here especially in such a short time using Renoise.
It took me hell of a lot longer to find the right mixture for the use of effects.

On the other side the song is a bit repetative and the songs strucutre is not very complex but for its length and style those "flaws" do not make it sound boring or uninteresting at any point.
It is propably because of the short time that was left for you.
I am looking forward to what is coming next from you.


Comment by plusminus on 2007-03-31 20:04:31

This track needs a screaming, noodling guitar solo. :D

Comment by malcolm on 2007-04-01 06:00:10

Yeah, I basically ran out of time to work on the arrangement of this song. I like the second half, but the first half could definitely do with some improvement.

Thanks for your comments everyone. Hope I can get something better happening for the next round.




Comment by Sonicade on 2007-04-04 00:34:03

Your well on your way with this track. Nice chords and strings. Heavy guitar use without the main melody starts to sound a little plain. When the main melody kicks in its really a nice sound. I like the pop aspect of the track, big pop fan myself. Nice work!

Comment by RobWilliamsJnr on 2007-04-04 22:05:26

i felt the strings could've been a little softer. nice effects. good stuff.

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