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A Glass Half Full by Mickrip

Round 15
Author Mickrip
Title A Glass Half Full
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Authors' Notes

Hello boys and girls. I wrote this while driving home from work. It was annoylingly catchy in my head, so I figured I should track it. Sorry for the "Chip" lead instrument again - but a bit of oldsk00l action never goes astray.


Comment by overthruster on 2007-04-25 02:49:42

ZOMG its so sceney! i thought i was running a keygen there for a second ;D

Comment by ambtax1 on 2007-04-25 05:17:24

Thanks for this! Really made me smile when it started. This sort of thing works for me every time. Much respect. ;)

Comment by Sonicade on 2007-04-25 20:24:23

Hey it's Mick! Looking for to hearing this 'mate. No worries! :) (working on my Aussie lingo)

Comment by Sonicade on 2007-04-26 00:05:55

Ahh Mickrip goodness! As usual first class structure and production quality. Well developed and interesting melodies. I like chip leads so this sits just fine with me. It's refreshing to see a lot of pattern data again, reminds me of the scene days *sniff*. Dunno how you can drive and write at the same time! A fun oldsk00l style track, very nicely done.

Comment by malcolm on 2007-04-26 06:20:53

Very creative track. This track reminds me of old Nintendo consoles, and Cirque de Soleil! A great piece of music. :-)

Comment by keith303 on 2007-04-26 10:16:15

you wrote this whilst driving home from work?
first of all i wonder if you were behind the steering wheel and besides that i assume that either your work is like 6 hours away from your home or you're really very fast getting things done. :)
song-wise it's the standard mick-rip quality.
whereas here "standard" means: way better than 99% of all tracked music.
being creative and inspired one thing - having the skills and the knowledge about music and its "rules" is a completely other one. and that's where you actually start to shine.
your melodies, chords and progressions are always perfectly executed.
only criticism, which applies to all your tunes (and also this one), is that it's maybe a bit too forseeable at times.

btw: "heartorsoul" is a true gem.

Comment by organic_io on 2007-04-28 17:24:06

i think he means he composed it while he was in the car, and then he tracked it when he got home.
overthruster, it doesn't have enough arps to be in a keygen!
anyway, i agree with everyone else, it's really good, especially the chord progression and melodies.

my one criticism ... Mickey, it's time for you to break out of your rhythmic box! most of your songs have that similar sounding beat. i think you need to try some different things: i.e. try writing a couple of songs in an alternate meter, or try not using the tempo fluctuation pattern commands in a couple songs, or just do something really different like use speed 03 and 2x bpm, like i did in my earlier sdcompo entries and you said it made your eyes hurt, haha

Comment by Chotoro on 2007-04-30 19:25:41

This reminds me of playing a fantasy RPG on the Amiga. Doesn't cut the mustard for originality, but hey, it's oldskool! Especially the middle of pattern 2 has some seriously flashback-y thing for me. I can't quite place it.

Comment by Sagosen on 2007-05-01 08:32:51

My girlfriend's favourite this round. :)
You have an exellent sense of melody, though I wish you didn't use the cutoff as much as you did, think it would sound better if it was a bit brighter. Tried that, and it sounded less in-a-box at once.

Sounds like a great old-school Jeroen Tel-track, that's a compliment but also a question wether this is more of a homage and remineccense than something 'new'.

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