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Looking for Work by Sonicade

Round 15
Author Sonicade
Title Looking for Work
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Authors' Notes

It's another short tune folks... sorry. Trying to find a job that is comfortable and will leave me free to be inspired. Thanks for any comments. :)


Comment by ambtax1 on 2007-04-25 15:02:29

Nice sweet little tune. Never undersestimate the power of a short tune. The best music should always leave you wanting. Good luck with the search for a new vocation........

Comment by Mickrip on 2007-04-26 00:32:18

Hello Kenny, this is a good tune. Nice and pleasant.You are suffering from "MickRip syndrome" a bit, and you're not stepping out of your square, but this is easy to listen to... Hey, you love that "Am, Dm, G, C" chord progression don't you! I've heard that from you before. Percussion is solid and well mixed. It's generally a laid back peice of music, that does the job.

Maybe if you changed that melody instrument sometimes it may have helped - but it's marginal - using the same instrument all the way through still works..

Comment by andyray on 2007-04-30 09:28:09

I like your mix of demo-stylee and discopoppy songs... as stated above: it's easy to listen to.... I just wish you'd put some more time into the little thing to take it up a notch or two... 'I guess you've got plenty on your slate as most of us, huh!? ;)
Still, keep it up....


Comment by organic_io on 2007-04-30 12:04:58

very likeable style and substance. the production is spot on as always, and the bassline sounds amazing.

but yeah ... one of these days, i'm going to force you and mick to coop together and i'm going to assign you a theme and you're going to have to deviate from your normal sound :)

Comment by Chotoro on 2007-04-30 20:23:20

"rinse .. repeat", you know what you're doing! :D I feel like I've heard this before from you, somehow..

I do like the lead in 1-2-9-3. It's material for a slight remix.

Comment by Sonicade on 2007-04-30 22:05:18

Ahhh I've been discovered! I confess this is a lazy entry. I've probably used the chords before and the sound is a bit familiar. :) The inspiration hasn't been so free flowing lately, I've been distracted by silly little things like job satisfaction.
I love demostyle! Heheh

Comment by Sagosen on 2007-05-01 08:46:53

The combination lead/melody/backing is well executed and well in harmony, but I've heard if before, mate.. ;)

Still, enjoyable listening, giving you that! My girlfriend really liked this one too.

Hrm.. I've been listening to this 3 times in a row now, still like.

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