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The Unknown by Sonicade

Round 21
Author Sonicade
Title The Unknown
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Authors' Notes

Whew, finally finished an entry. This one is a bit of a mess and short to boot. Basically I've been kind of out of making music for awhile so this is a mash up of ideas thrown together. I'm sure there are a lot of places which can be improved so don't hesitate to be straight forward in the comments. Still there are some ideas here I like and it felt great to get something finished. I'm looking forward to hearing everyones tracks this round, I see there are 13 already, that's awesome! Rock on everyone! :)



Comment by directionless on 2007-11-24 12:34:12

It has your vibe. Need I say more? :D

Very glad we are again graced with an entry from you!! I don't think there's been more than one since I started.

Yeah, i don't have any critique. Let the pros handle it. i think you know what you're doing.

I like this song! :)

Comment by Chotoro on 2007-11-25 16:38:03

Ah, it's really good to hear some more classic stuff. The drums start out nice, but then the snare changes for the verses..? Also the lead in the transposed part could be more espressivo :)

Comment by organic_io on 2007-11-25 22:58:13

indeed, it is nice to hear some new music from ya, Sonicade. I always hate it when i've been out of making music for a while so I hope you can keep your juices going now :)
This definitely sounds very Sonicade-ish, as you said... but it has some nice melodies, nice transitions, decent production. i especially always like the way you get your lead instruments to sound. and finally, it has a non-sucky ending! you're getting better at those endings. ace!

Comment by ambtax1 on 2007-11-27 17:07:40

Sonicade, have said it before, short is beautiful. Personally if a track can keep me interested all the way to the end then it has fulfilled its purpose. Loving it. Bit computer gamey? But I like that. Depends what audience you are aiming for. Keep it up boss. Heres to the next round...

Comment by Aged on 2007-11-28 08:12:03

Intro sounded like this was made by someone else ;) Distortion on the leads adds nice colour to the sound.
I just looove those oboe (i guess it is oboe...) parts :)
I wish drums and bass were bit more relaxed on this one. They sound too much general midi stuff :/
Anyway, I can hear you trying to find new elements for your music, which is always a good thing.
Overall, great song =) Catchy stuff.

No offence - your pal, mr. aged

Comment by techtonic on 2007-11-29 14:59:41

Even though my first reaction was "It's another chip tune, but it's 2007!" I find your work very listenable & competent. What you lack in "originality" you gain with your mastery and unique touch. It was music such as yours that inspired me as a youth, I'm amazed that chip music still sounds so good and people are still into it. Thank you for the nostalgia, have listened to all your previous entires and I like your fresh and healthy sound.

Comment by aGIANTpupafish on 2007-11-30 12:05:40

very enjoyable. particularly like the hard wah synth and oboe (?). bassline was funky too

Comment by tenfour on 2007-11-30 13:58:25

Love the sound of the percussion. I love the interplay in the melody, but i think there's not enough room for 3 big leads. Oboe sound is so perfect. Melody is great there too.

The key change @ pattern 24 sounds perfect.

Comment by iddy on 2007-11-30 23:10:29

I like this one a lot - very much a tracker piece, with very strong melodic work, sharp leads and an energetic pace. The distorted lead sounds are excellent, although the last lead section could have done with a more complex synth sound, or maybe some vibratos.. it felt like it needed a more varied dynamic; but only in terms of the sound itself, the lead composition works the way it is.

Very cool stuff!

Comment by Sonicade on 2007-11-30 23:55:34

Thanks everyone for the comments! It's really great to hear from peers about your music. I do not take offense and appreciate everyone's feedback. I shamefully have not gotten around to commenting on everyone's tracks but it's the weekend so I will! This round was a fantastic turnout with really excellent tracks. I had a tough time lining up my top 5!


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