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mY hEALING by JustinCredible

Round 23
Author JustinCredible
Title mY hEALING
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Authors' Notes

Hi @ all and a happy new year.

Some slower progressive Head Music awaits you here - i hope you like it.



Comment by tenfour on 2008-01-25 04:57:41

Neat intro - I wish those drums were bigger and fatter. Maybe it would be cool to hear with different samples. Later in the tune they sound perfect of course. Love the slow steady buildup. It makes me think the song will be like 10 minutes long, then it's over. Rhythms sound so tight in this - i think the vocals should be shifted slightly to fit in just a tiny bit better, but i'm being really nitpicky. really cool sound - I did like this quite a bit. Cool to hear your signature sound again.

Comment by aGIANTpupafish on 2008-01-25 12:07:14

OMG i love this track!

i love the build up. kinda reminds me of Moby in a way when the vocals come in. is that u singing? u have a nice voice if it is.
really nice sound too.

Comment by Storm on 2008-01-25 12:45:27

Big sound and arrangemend like this track !

Comment by CAG on 2008-01-28 22:49:23

Yeah. It's a really brave intro. Sticking with the same arpeggio. This song builds tension fantastically.
And then, when the vocals come in, the arpeggio makes sense.

I'm kinda wishing this actually was ten minutes long. :)

Comment by hexmode on 2008-01-29 17:16:18

I really like this, cool intro, phatty beats, like the slow build-up.. and the vocals work great in the overall feel of the song. Those strings are really cool, very emotive sound. I think this song kind of just meshes together really well and makes a really cohesive sound. I guess I would have like it a bit longer too :P

Comment by directionless on 2008-01-29 17:26:05

Yeah, great intro. Sometimes I think we try too hard to make every parts of our songs a big catchy production. But real humans that listen for purposes other than a competition do sometimes enjoy the music to just do its thing, even if thats more subtle approach.

Its cool when your synth strings come in and fill out the sound.

Maybe at some point the arpeggio could have variated slightly towards the second half. I dunno.

Its not your best, but its great to do something different also. :)


Comment by RobWilliamsJnr on 2008-01-31 20:17:26

builds up so well. vocals are the perfect fit.

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