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The art of banging on stuff with sticks by Shadowbane

Round 24
Author Shadowbane
Title The art of banging on stuff with sticks
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Authors' Notes

I like percussion. This contains a lot of percussion. Despite that I tried to make this something worth listening to.

I took the suggestions I got in the last round and this track has full use of the stereo. Also, I made heavy use of dynamic contrast.


Comment by CAG on 2008-02-25 02:08:28

hey, I enjoyed it. also, LOL at mini-percussion-melody-thingy at around 2:00. Sometimes, the hihats/rims/crashes/hi-frequency-noise-cymbals don't come through so well. Not sure if it's a volume issue, or all the overtones from the timpani and percussion stuff drowning them out.

Comment by MattyBoJangles on 2008-02-25 12:12:59

The master volume sawtooth LFO or whatever it was was a tad annoying, but I like the concept. Sounds like something from Stomp.

Comment by ambtax1 on 2008-02-26 04:43:16

Well done shadowbane! Great experimentation shown here. This has an excellent mood and build up. I really like the fact that you have managed this using percussion alone. Bit wild with the volume though. Not sure if you have used compression on this track because I have listened to the mp3 but I think it may need it. Overall you get my thumbs up. :)

Comment by tenfour on 2008-02-26 08:45:10

the volume changes are annoying - if it was trying to simulate performance dynamics, it didn't work; try using filters / sample offsets next time?

I like the melodies you have created with percussion though - it's really quite musical and interesting. At no point am i thinking "where's the music?" I like the syncopation too.

Some processing might fight some of the bad side effects of sample-based music here. Right now it all sounds a bit dry - maybe some minor reverb to both smooth out the sound and to create a space that these instruments live in. and some of the overtones of the timbale, for example, become really obvious when changing pitch - you might need to get clever to try and reduce that so i can feel that it's a timbale instead of a sample.

Comment by JustinCredible on 2008-02-29 21:50:51

Hi Shadowbane,

even tough i am really addicted to rhythms and percussion i have agree to Tenfour - regarding that volume thing - whatever you tried - it did not work.

In addition - for a percussion only track - there is not enough variation in it.

Well - If you'd ask me for an advice - here is a tip:
imho one of the most essential things to know about breakbeats or percussion creation is to use all percussion instruments (Hihats, Snare, etc.) as one complex unit/ instrument. Therefore you should try and see all the percussion instruments as small parts contributing to the final rhythm.
You should also try and play around with setting some elements "offbeat".
Last but not least you should really try ambtax1 suggestion and find out about te Compressor.


Comment by iddy on 2008-03-02 04:37:07

The 'dynamic contrast' was a great idea, but I agree with the comments here so far - something didn't quite work out. I think the problem is that where you put volume changes in to 'relax' certain parts, the sequence stayed the same - the percussion was still played at the same frenetic pace, without reducing the 'density' of the sounds. I'd suggest when you want a section to calm down, start by reducing the number of sounds that start playing - add pauses in one or more instruments. Volume changes are important too, but be careful with them, especially when they're applied to every sound at once - it can sound like you're just tweaking the song volume, not the performance of individual sounds.

The track is a fun experiment in percussion, filled with a lot of good ideas. The progression between different sections works well, growing steadily without sounding like you're carelessly dropping layers on top.

Comment by directionless on 2008-03-08 14:28:14

Way to be creative through limitation. Interesting piece. The timpani is solid yet overbearing at times, but not so much that i can't hear what is going on.

I do think your global volume fluctuations are a bit overdone at times, but certainly attention getting.

with a minor mix update and some (any) kind of decent music orchestration, you'd have a solid soundtrack on your hands.

Keep the creative ideas coming Shadowbane! :) OH almost forgot to mention: indeed you made great use of stereo. Great job with that.

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