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Tracing the Track by Cab

Round 27
Author Cab
Title Tracing the Track
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Authors' Notes

This is my first ever entry. What can I say? I finally finished something instead of leaving it half-done, and it's been fun!
I have mostly been doing solo piano or (mostly half-finished) chiptunes before, so this was quite an interesting project.

Now go trace the track, and enjoy!


Comment by tenfour on 2008-05-26 06:21:53

i love the melody & progression. really enjoyed it but i wish there was something to help give it body. the stuff later towards the end is a pleasant surprise. cool details in the accompaniment here and there. i would love to play a platformer to this tune.

Comment by organic_io on 2008-05-26 21:54:39

Welcome to the compo, buddy! It's nice to see new people so active in discussions.
I can definitely see the platformer comparisons here. :) It's a cute track, and I'm always a sucker for chip arp's, they're so lo-fi charming.
However, I think you could have filled it out more, as it really only starts getting going around 1:30. There is a lot of great melody movement especially starting at 1:39. You have so many options for thematic development here, but instead the song just (disappointingly) abruptly ends. But, it's a good start of an idea.
Hope to see you back around here and maybe with a fuller song next time. Don't short change yourself. Try to force yourself to sit down and add some extra polish, it's always worth the effort! :)

Comment by Cab on 2008-05-27 02:02:08

Thanks both of you!
I agree it could've been "fuller", and it would have, if I'd just have got the ideas going. They just stopped at some point and I had to end it, oh well. :)

Comment by nt on 2008-05-27 18:56:50

Can only second tenfour and io here.
Maybe with some notable bassline was missing to fill the lower range.
The arps are nice, some additional strings playing the chords might have been a nice addition, too.
Seen that you have good skills in melodic composition, I'm looking forward to see your next entry!

Comment by directionless on 2008-05-27 22:27:30

first entry ever! congrats. very glad to meet you and participate in the compo with you.

certainly a sweet number reminding me of the happy times of early platform or adventure gaming.

i wouldn't know what to say about mix right now. it is very interesting, and that's good. do think there might be too much maximization of some sound (volume) towards the end especially.

looking forward to your continued involvement.

Comment by aGIANTpupafish on 2008-05-29 15:34:47

ah nice one. good to see some other .it entries round here too, now that CAG has gone over to the other side (and now that im considering doing the same) :P you using modplug?
maybe we should collab xD
anyway the piece. not sure the snare throughout quite agrees with me, particularly on runs at like the end of pattern 8, where you change the timbre. it sounds very sampled. unless thats what you were intending ;)
was really beginning to dig the sound in pattern 12... but then it ended. =(
glad to have you around, look forward to your next entries.

Comment by Cab on 2008-05-30 05:24:25

Yes I'm using OpenMPT. I don't see why I would switch to Renoise, really.

Comment by andyray on 2008-05-30 17:34:47

fun and old skoolish.... ending was a laugh!
keep 'em coming...

Comment by CAG on 2008-06-06 02:29:24

hey! I got a very special place in my heart for MPT, OK? :)
no, I'm serious, if you all keep making these catchy great .it entries, I just might have to solo one this round in MPT. URGH. >:D

kinda late welcome. pupa, rest assured, I think very highly of the MPT software and community...

anyways, I think everybody has covered the critique fairly well, so I'll leave you with this:
this song is damn catchy!

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