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an insight into the abyss of our strangest dreams by k303-nt

Round 27
Author k303-nt
Title an insight into the abyss of our strangest dreams
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Authors' Notes

it was terrible in the cee-dee !


Comment by tenfour on 2008-05-26 07:00:19

the tune is so awesome and playful, but i thought the vocal track wasn't as precise and well-engineered. every other detail of the song i'm in love with though.

Comment by keith303 on 2008-05-26 10:44:40

honestly, the vocals were not meant to sound any "good", because i am well aware of the fact that i am an utterly ungifted singer.
my singing plus everything built around it was rather meant as comedy than anything else really. nt and me had some good laughs about'em and the fun rose tremendously after i sang'em :)
he somewhat triggered those vocals in my mind with his chords played with the pad-sound. so i'd definately go ahead and blame him all the way :D

Comment by nt on 2008-05-26 14:03:39

Wow, I have a talent to make keith303 sing...makes me proud somehow :)
It was such an honor and pleasure to do this coop. I'll keep this song and show it to my kids and their kids and their their kids...
Thanks a lot for the comment, tenfour.

Comment by Storm on 2008-05-26 23:01:42

Improved co-operation.
Everything fits together harmoniously.
My favorite track.

Greetings goes to keith303 & nt

Comment by organic_io on 2008-05-27 11:26:36

Haha OK, now I don't feel so bad for actually laughing at the vocals the 1st time I listened the other night.
Tight 2-steppy UK garage type sound here. The vocals actually fit the style though.
It's a lot of fun to listen to, and I'm glad to see something that doesn't take itself too seriously on here. Love the jazz improv's near the end, I think I know which one of you played those :)

Comment by keith303 on 2008-05-27 12:27:07

"Love the jazz improv's near the end, I think I know which one of you played those :) "
you are a mean mean person, organic ;(

Comment by organic_io on 2008-05-27 16:19:23

What!! It was meant to be a compliment to Gilli, not an insult to you :) You've got the mixing skills to pay the bills, and you know it. Plus an amazing sense of harmony. But from what I've heard of Gilli's newer stuff, he really knows how to jam. It worked out as a great duo

Comment by nt on 2008-05-27 16:38:53

Thx io :) Actually I thought it's not very easy to recognize the persons behind the sounds because we did a live-coop (a word that I learned from ptrance) and we made a lot of the song together. I know it's definately clear where the song got its quality and styles from (not me) which make it worth listening at all.

Did I forget to say thanks to Storm? Thanks a lot Storm!!!

Comment by keith303 on 2008-05-27 17:39:34

"What!! It was meant to be a compliment to Gilli, not an insult to you :) "
no insult taken, really. besides that i also think that Gilli did a great job on those improv's ;)

really glad you like it and felt like dropping a few lines even though we're missing a tune of yours this round - thanks!

Comment by tenfour on 2008-05-28 17:03:58

i don't understand how you made the "keith's uKorg'ed voice" sample

Comment by nt on 2008-05-28 18:34:53

This is a vocoder which got fed with the chords from the first part of the song. While doing this, keith sang into the mike and added some vibrato by controlling a modulation wheel.

Comment by CAG on 2008-05-28 23:29:14

I love you guys beyond words. we need more 2step in this world. :)

oh my FLIPPIN jeebus hallelujah this beast is FONKY! you know, the kind of FONKY that comes from years of listening to james brown, wearing a hugeass afro, and doing headspins. FOOONKY!

love the camp quality of the vocals. ;)

Comment by directionless on 2008-05-29 01:38:05

you sick, gifted bastards. this track stays crispy in milk, ALL DAY!

Comment by aGIANTpupafish on 2008-05-29 16:07:13

haha awesome =D really funky, so fresh.

Comment by nt on 2008-05-29 18:15:25

Thank you so much guys!!
All.. tenfour for coming back here, CAG - yay some common 2step sense, d/less, aGIANTpupafisch, aaalll of you!
That's tracking scene to me!

Comment by andyray on 2008-05-30 17:24:10

TIME. (where do you get it from?) no, seriously...
I Like the LEAD track... and the vocal... not too shabby (keith: it all comes down to practice... ) but if done real proper (and in time) could have been a killer (if in tune, though!)... :-)

Comment by hexmode on 2008-05-31 06:44:44

Damn.. you know straight away this track is going to rule.. that beat and bass is sublime, awesome rhythms.. definitely gonna have to fire up renoise to check them out and learn something :)

it all comes together so nice with the pads and the vocals. what a track.

it really made me think of jimmy edgar, specially with those vocals:

Comment by nt on 2008-05-31 16:16:47

Woah...didn't know Jimmy Edgar but I'm glad you showed. His music is damn funky! Now _he_ actually made me think of the scene musician dominei aka Reid Royal :)

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