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Common Descent by Refive

Round 28
Author Refive
Title Common Descent
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Authors' Notes

ambtax1, CAG, organic io, Rob Williams Jnr, and tenfour present to you: "Common Descent"


Comment by andyray on 2008-06-26 19:02:33

I think you guys tried just a wee bit harder for the next guy..... this was fun listening.. good ideas all held nicely together... it could have xploded all over the place!
production is weird, though, sounds boxy - metallic! Beatwork is fab at places and intrumentation is enjoyable... especially the lead. track is swell... nice nice...


Comment by Knetter on 2008-06-27 12:34:54

Very strong bassline, ultimate for D&B! Very nice melodies also, perhaps the beat a bit too harsh.

Comment by aGIANTpupafish on 2008-06-27 13:51:43

ah nice one guys. it's nice to able to hear (i think) little elements of each one of your styles.

nice intro really sets things up. the bassline throughout is very strong. some of the melodies interspersed throughout are wonderful. like the way this progresses and morphes. piano outro is classy.

let's keep the mega-co-ops coming? so far they seem to have been a resounding success - certainly judged on this evidence.

Comment by ambtax1 on 2008-06-27 15:53:03


Comment by CAG on 2008-06-27 20:09:12

urban dict:

"dfg is short for dah fei gei, which means to shoot at airplanes in cantonese.
it is slang for jackin off."


Comment by hexmode on 2008-06-28 10:29:26

What a corker... I love the bass and the beats, and the melodeis sound lovely over the top.

Comment by ambtax1 on 2008-06-28 14:15:43

dfg? I know not either. I tried to remove it but it wouldn't.
I just wanted to say I do actually like the track (ignoring my bits!) loving the melody in the middle (not me :) ).
I am also glad someone realised the ending that I wanted to add myself.
More of these big co-op things.
I think they make for interesting reading.

Comment by chunter on 2008-06-28 22:51:39

In a way, it is slightly unfair to have a co-op of half the field competing against individuals, as the many heads that work on them are undoubtedly going to create something much better than an individual can, though it's nice to have obvious proof of when collaborations do and don't work. Good arrangement, good harmonic structure, great mix.

Comment by Marko on 2008-06-29 05:13:02

Firmly melodious.

Comment by ambtax1 on 2008-06-29 07:09:21

Hey my typo actually exists.

Comment by CAG on 2008-06-29 15:40:19

"you are the problem, dfg is the solution LP"
XD, in light of the urban dictionary definition, this is pretty disturbing for a christian band.

Comment by Sonicade on 2008-06-29 17:18:00

Wooo Team Renoise! This track really reminds me of the Demoscene days, I love it! The melodies are fun and chords move very nicely.
Despite 5 people working on it the track sounds very cohesive and unified, good job guys. Not much I can criticize about the technique. I love the reverb on the bells, great sound. Awesome job on one of the most ambitious coop tracks to hit SDCompo to date!

Comment by JustinCredible on 2008-06-30 14:27:12

Great tune - it surely was alot of fun to create it.
The imho best thing about it is, that all of your different styles are still in there - fusing together.

Respect to all of you


Comment by directionless on 2008-07-02 15:58:28

Refive has the drop on TeamPsycle in a HUGE way! The 4:11 on this track is that you guys rule (was there any doubt?). :D

Major props for a multi-collab to come off so successful!

Comment by RobWilliamsJnr on 2008-07-02 19:18:47

this was great fun to make - thanks for all the effort you guys!!!

and thanks for all your feedback

Comment by Knetter on 2008-07-03 04:01:41

Congrats Revive! Really awesome and addictive track; especially the theme part before the solo!

Comment by Refive on 2008-07-03 07:19:12

That was Rob's wonderful work. Thanks for all the kind comments and votes everyone!

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