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Cheezy Christmas by juolac

Round 34
Author juolac
Title Cheezy Christmas
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Authors' Notes

Had some idea of vocal samples but had not enough time. Shouldn't have partied all weekend.... Next year will be better and more creative :)
And that's a promise (as good as any new years promises...)

2:36 AM and 4:23 til deadline.. And another promise will be to get more sleep next year.... sure...


Comment by Airmann on 2008-12-23 13:51:03

Overwhelming ..... ! It knocked me off, I love intense songs like this.... what song in the second part was this again from the 80ties ? 1:29+ ... 1:48 I like most ... Is the part from 0 till 1:50 a cover, too ?
BTW: still in love :-) ??

Comment by cralias on 2008-12-24 11:28:45

My very favorite. Need something bouncy, when everything is going awry. The song that made me dance; it was supposed to do so, right?

Comment by JustinCredible on 2008-12-25 10:00:43


a great tune, especially the buildup/ progression.
Somehow it reminded me on the good old tunes by Lownoise/ Mental Theo.


Comment by agargara on 2008-12-25 10:38:55

Cheezy Christmas upbeat and cheery tune for the holidays. I like your spirit and enerqy.

Comment by 40WPM on 2008-12-26 18:30:32

Great jingle bell action! A little too trancey for me but overall good composition. The end made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Comment by chunter on 2008-12-26 19:47:15

Makes me want to hear a pitched vocal... Recognized: Happy Xmas War Is Over (on the fade-in key change)

I didn't recognize the other melodies.

Good trance layering without turning it into "Children" ;)

Comment by juolac on 2008-12-28 16:19:49

Thanks for the comments :) The first part when the horn and strings come in is from the classical composer Shubert. Ave Maria. Check out Sara Brightmans version on youtube:

Second part is of course lennons So this is christmas. Sorry I couldnt finish this off in time...

Comment by chunter on 2008-12-31 22:37:07

Oh! It is Ave Maria, just not in three time so I didn't pick it out! Well done!

Comment by organic_io on 2009-01-02 12:00:12

Juolac, this is great dude... I listened to it on loop for like 20 minutes the other night. Wish it was longer and those vocals would be nice.
Very cheesy, but very well produced too. Love this style.

Hey Chunter! What is wrong with "Children"? That is a classic man :) Especially considering how old it is...

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