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Burst by JustinCredible

Round 35
Author JustinCredible
Title Burst
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Authors' Notes

Hi @ all,

i hope you like it :-)




Comment by CAG on 2009-02-02 02:18:24

mm, this song floats by and builds and releases and everything. it has a nice low end too. perfect for chillaxin' to.

Comment by ambtax1 on 2009-02-02 04:03:25

Hey Justin.
Hmmm...not quite sure what to say about your track dude. Some interesting sounds. Nice bdrum. Something missing though. I'm not exactly sure what that is.
The track needs some direction. A breakdown or two? Slap some vocals in there?

Comment by juolac on 2009-02-02 05:40:53

@ambtax1: This is the interlude music when the game is loading the next part :)
@JC: I like this sound but I have the same thoughts as ambtax1. A lead theme and/or some breakes meybe?

Comment by cralias on 2009-02-02 13:21:22

Quite great drum tracks again. I remember listening to My Healing and Message - also great drums there, btw. Yeah, it seems that there could be more of something for that eleven minute on a go, but it's ok. Tune for loading screens? No, that's right for the game... some flying game... I would not even spot that lack of diversity then :)

Must try maybe this for Audiosurf later on?

Comment by Knetter on 2009-02-02 14:02:59

Sound a bit like a live-set, I like it. Did put up the tempo a bit, sorry :)

Comment by Sonicade on 2009-02-02 19:57:44

Great chilled out track. I always enjoy your tight rhythms and chords/themes. This track had a bit of repetition to it but as usual I totally dig the groove and buildups.

I think you get a lot of encouragement to add a strong upfront melody because the music bed you've created is very appealing. Maybe that's not necessarily how you like to write your tracks and of course that's your call. A strong prominent melody can however often make the strongest statement for your track and leave the strongest impression on the listener. Regardless, I always enjoy your music and always look forward to your entries.


Comment by chunter on 2009-02-02 20:06:12

This is good stuff at a fundamental level, I think the consensus is that this tune neads to reach a bigger climax.

Comment by agargara on 2009-02-05 12:18:50

Although well-produced, it was a little too repetitive to hold my interest--as others have already said, I think that you have created a great music bed, but it needs some sort of strong melody or theme to give it direction. It's not a bad song, I think it just needs something that sticks out a little more.

Comment by JustinCredible on 2009-02-06 03:50:58

Hi @ all,

thank you for your comments.
You are all right with your critics. I also feel like there is something missing, but i simply didn't have enough time left and also ran out of ideas in the end, to add a catchy melody or something.
But i nevertheless decided to submit this entry :P
Maybe i will keep on working with this track later.

Best wishes


Comment by aGIANTpupafish on 2009-02-07 05:37:51

This is a nice track. As always the percussion is magnificently detailed (look at the number of percussive instruments he used in the xnrs, something like 12 hihats there at least!), and I loved those synth lines (especially you played with the panning there, nice one!) The mix is great too. I think the general thoughts are that it is a shame that such a brilliant backing track is missing that hook to make it memorable - maybe a vocal would've done the trick.
Nevertheless i always love the way your tracks evolve. Keep 'em coming! =]

Comment by ambtax1 on 2009-02-07 07:18:15

Having a relisten.
I appreciate the work in your drums here JC.
Definitely work on this justin.
It wouldn't take much to turn this really good track into a great one.

Comment by Airmann on 2009-02-08 13:03:33

I fully agree to agargara comment. You created a great sound-bed there, but a break or mellow would improve it.

Generally it seems that you like to build up your songs like this: start quiet with a few lines, repeat it and add more and more lines and stuff to raise suspense until climax. Afterwards deconstruct it. I know that this works for chillout but maybe you should try a different approach like verse + refrain + bridge etc.. Just try to do something different.

Nonetheless your drum programming is great. I totally love the percussion fill at column 48 (percussion track). That sounds sooo cool.

Regarding mix: good eq settings in master channel. Without it it sounds boxed. What about low and high cutting ? Compressor almost doesn't work - replace it by a gainer ?

....And you are the master of chillaxin' !!!!

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