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Fifty Four by aGIANTpupafish

Round 35
Author aGIANTpupafish
Title Fifty Four
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Authors' Notes

Brrrr January is cold. Reminds me of the winter of '54...



Comment by CAG on 2009-02-02 01:07:56

hey, it reminds me of the winter of '54 too!

well, ok. not really. very sophisticated composition you've got here. that bit at 5:11 was clever, too. the whole song breathed through those delicious stringy pads, you know. it's very nice. sudden cutoff at end a recording error? :(

EDIT: I see what you did there... ok, so I was a bit slow on your note. ;)

Comment by ambtax1 on 2009-02-02 05:03:11

Will need to relisten to this but it sounds huge. Great job.

Comment by cralias on 2009-02-02 12:30:56

The intro was nice! Feels a bit oriental there, but gives the chilling touch as well. And the whole song is awesome. It's already cold out here and this makes me feel cold in here :)
Fourth minute starts a little light-minded, then goes back to moody at 4:30, enjoyed this section most of all!

Comment by Airmann on 2009-02-02 13:55:59

Awesome intro ... awesome ambient sounds ... more after xrns listening

Comment by nt on 2009-02-04 12:57:10

Nice, open and calm mood. Really enjoyable. I also really like the little phrasing on the bassline at the end of a bar. The drums could've been softer for this tune in my opinion. The march-like retrigger on the snare is really nice.

Comment by organic_io on 2009-02-05 12:13:58

Unfortunately my headphones are shitting out right now so I'm only listening to it on the left side (This is an unfortunate case of "Hitting things worked for a while but now I fear I've hit too hard")... But I did get a chance to hear it in stereo a few times earlier today. This is some wonderful ambient flow. Sweet "march-like" snare like nt said. Honestly I thought this was tenty-four when I first heard it... but I also wonder why you haven't named a bunch of your other songs "fourty-four". :)

... and yes, the winter of '54... What a memorable year. Cold as fuck. It was only 20-30 years before any of us was born. Sweet!

Comment by agargara on 2009-02-05 12:29:11

I enjoyed the more orchestral use of the samples, which lies in contrast to the electronic sound of many of the other tracks. There was a lot of reverb--maybe almost too much, but it definitely added to the atmosphere. It sort of reminded me of cross between Ace Combat and Age of Empires for some reason. The dynamic, swelling chords are probably my favorite part. Now if only that blasted female vocal sample wasn't there, it would be damn near perfect ;)

Comment by JustinCredible on 2009-02-06 04:10:11


i like the very relaxing atmosphere, that you created here.
Nice tune :-)

Comment by aGIANTpupafish on 2009-02-06 04:37:45

Thanks guys, and special congrats to those who "got" the title. ;)
@CAG: yeah the fade-out didn't export to mp3 so well, but i was in a bit of a rush to finish this one, hence there was a fade-out at all
ambtax1: thanks man, now... about that co-op...
airmann: do NOT listen to this track in renoise, renoise cannot deal with .it, openMPT all the way =]
nt: yeah i see where you're coming from, but i was so chuffed that i found a rhythm that felt so fluid in 5/4 (10/8 perhaps) i had to have it loud!
io: well it seemed to sum up the nostalgic kinda feel of this one, as well as being a little nugget for those of us who count beats in a bar ;)
agar: yeeaah i wouldn't have used that sample if i'd known it was kinda almost as overused as the dannybyrd one xD
jc: thanks, the feel of your tracks was certainly an influence on this one.

I need to just point out Sigur Ros in case any of you haven't heard of them, btw. A huge influence for me, especially in this song. Their album Agaetis Byrjun is possible my favourite of all time.

Comment by Marko on 2009-02-06 10:06:11

This seems somehow remote to me. Ah, it's cold *outside*...

Comment by organic_io on 2009-02-06 11:13:35

Comment by aGIANTpupafish on 2009-02-06 11:34:22

This and This

Need i say more?

Comment by ambtax1 on 2009-02-07 07:27:43

That guitar type sound at the beginnig reminded me of scene in a spaghetti western.
Would definitely sit as a film soundtrack.
I think having used that female vocal (and as good as it is) the track would be better without it.
Nice ride. Really spacey. Big swelling chords. Love em'. All it needed was some twinkly bits :)
Not keen on the snare drum. It sounds a bit thin. Maybe a different sample?
The short string stabs add an excellent touch.
Thoroughly enjoyed overall.

Comment by Airmann on 2009-02-08 13:57:18

ok ... there is no xrns :-) ! I've overseen that. I really can recommend you Renoise ! It's not very different

Love the guitar-like intro and the ambient sounds. They are awesome . Agree that it sounds a bit like from a western movie

Other things:
- Had the impression that you could do more panning for the pads.
- Snare has a pretty nasty distorted sound, intended or just oversteered ?
- the part till the snare is introduced could be a bit shorter

Very good ambient stuff !

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