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saihakken by imode

Round 1
Author imode
Title saihakken
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Module Link sdc1_Imode-Saihakken.rar
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Authors' Notes


Comment by Sagosen on 2006-04-07 04:10:45

Pretty chords, varied and cute melody, a bit much (dunno the technical word here now, aw..) fast volume up and down. :) I miss a beat actually! I also miss a better flow, a pad with less vibrato could bring more stability.

Comment by Harmony on 2006-04-07 07:07:03

Great intro, very nice melody and overall composition, good attention to detail, this track moves along smoothly and is very easy to listen to.

Comment by Sonicade on 2006-04-07 09:28:19

You would not believe what I went through to get this man to track this tune. That being said it's a nice tune with some great highlights. Especially for someone who had not used a tracker in a long time. I like the melodies and chords used.

Comment by Aged on 2006-04-07 11:56:19

something i've been waiting for LONG TIME!
refreshing stuff :)

Comment by organic_io on 2006-04-07 14:38:22

really beautiful chord progression. great production. it reminds me of some songs from mega man 3... and i LOVE the music from that game

Comment by imode on 2006-04-07 14:42:58

Why no drums? Because I suck at them. Ask Aged, he can tell you. Would have been an absolute catastrophy if I had left the ones that I had made in.

Comment by organic_io on 2006-04-07 15:51:04

it stands well on its own without drums

Comment by Aged on 2006-04-07 16:48:42

imode, i've never heard anything THAT BAD coming out of your hands... =)
yet this is outstanding track, no drums needed :)

Comment by Sonicade on 2006-04-08 08:59:45

Agreed with aged. Imode's drum skills are not lacking. The track works nicely without drums.

Comment by goatboy on 2006-04-10 22:48:09

I like the bounciness and how you've turned the kalimba and the drymoth bass into very different instruments, in an oldschool trackerish sound without sounding gmidi. Very nice.

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