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Water is a human right by Storm

Round 39
Author Storm
Title Water is a human right
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Module Link sdc39_Storm-Water_is_a_human_right.xrns
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Authors' Notes

That is of my project water for all.I hope this Song you please.


Comment by kalachnikov on 2009-06-15 02:29:16

yeah !!!
you have used the "chinese" part of dsk plug in :)

Comment by Knetter on 2009-06-15 14:53:53

Very warm sound (it must be tropical water!)
Great progression.
Don't really dig the snare, it sounds too much "reality" to me.
Missing a bit of structure after a while.
Kudos for the Asian instruments!

Comment by ELnatural on 2009-06-16 00:24:30


Comment by Marko on 2009-06-18 03:38:56

Asian and peaceful

Comment by zebra on 2009-06-19 21:19:36

very professional use of the asian instruments. the melodies and chords were good but I wish there was alot more variation, especially considering it's a 3 minute song. I also would've like to have heard some rythmic variation, too; the beat feels a little static.

Comment by Airmann on 2009-06-20 17:40:18

This is a very nice one ! Music fits very well to the title. The Asian plugged instruments sound a bit like water drops - cool ! Song reminds me a also to good ol' Amiga Karate :-D.
Mix is clean and bright. Good panning. ... like it. Improvements: add this filter to master track and it will sound even better (just copy and paste into Renoise):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<FilterDeviceClipboard doc_version="0">
<DeviceSlot type="Filter3Device">
<Visualization>Device only</Visualization>
<Visualization>Device only</Visualization>
<Visualization>Device only</Visualization>
<Visualization>Device only</Visualization>
<Visualization>Device only</Visualization>
<Model>Butterworth 4n</Model>

This filter removes the ugly DC Offsets. Also you can try to add a maximizer instead of a compressor after eq (not before). Use the standard settings and boost volume around 3-5 dB.
Have fun !

This is one of my favs this round !!

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