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Low Freaquency by Knetter

Round 42
Author Knetter
Title Low Freaquency
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Module Link sdc42_Knetter-Low_Freaquency.xrns
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Authors' Notes


Had many versions of this one! Decided that was the most rokking :)
LFO rocks!



Comment by Necto_Ulin on 2009-09-28 07:20:50

Hi, Knetter, nice tune You have here.

I like:
- vocal samples, it adds some ethnic enigmatic color
- nice loud mix
- nice pumping bass and drums

I dont like:
- some annoying freq's in whole mix - perhaps its because of second thing which is:
- sharp instruments. Actually I almost forget the charm of tracker music with its well-known sounding so its surely the matter of taste :)
- percussion line

I really dont like to judge the ideas and story - its sooo subjective question. I could say the only thing its definitely not unpleasant surprising :-D
In total - very good indeed, You have "the golden hands" in composing tracker's music :)

Comment by Airmann on 2009-09-28 12:30:30

Hey Knetter: first, I'm sorry that I haven't commented your last one, yet :-/. I just didn't find time. But promised is promised and I'll do it with this one together. Haven't listened to any of the entries, so far. Cheers :-)

Comment by Knetter on 2009-09-28 14:47:34

No worries mr Air!
Thanks Necto for you comments. I'd the idea to make it sound more lo-fi and oldschool with a booming modern touch.
The first version was with an 1-2-3-4 bassdrum but this beat came nicely pumped out from the maximizers...

Comment by tenfour on 2009-09-28 16:52:42

My favorite track on this is easily "track 18" - I feel like I could just listen to that one track solo and I'd be happy enough.

That kick drum is beautiful too. Beautiful moment at the beginning of pattern 10. I love this subtle stuff. It's so tasteful, man, and it never stops coming. This attention to detail is really refreshing. It's clear from the start that this is serious.

You have presented a beautiful sound in almost every way.

I am a mere lay-person, and I cannot compete with Necto's clear "mastery" (har) of the production side of things, but my only comment is that it sounds great to me. :)

One more criticism but it's not a strong one, and in fact it's probably more of a personal misunderstanding of electronic music... So many tunes seem to be a formula of: (drums + chord progression + repeat many times with variations). This musical style has never really impacted me very positively, and I think that with trackers especially this formula is extremely tempting. So even if this tune "sounds excellent", there's something that I feel is missing. From a sound engineering perspective this song is a clear 10/10. But musically speaking I personally would wish for more. A hook maybe - some melody that I can get stuck in my head spontaneously at the grocery store or something. Something to give direction harmonically, instead of just rhythmically.

I realize there are stylistic things going on that I am naive about, so take all this with a grain of salt anyway :)

In other words, this tune, and many this round, have beautiful engineering but to my ignorant ears, they are lacking a depth that I can hear the potential for.

I hope at least my comments are useful to you :)

Comment by juolac on 2009-09-29 13:19:45

Really love the "waving filter effects" My favourite part is 3:14 - 3:22, just have to check how it's done :)
Nice deep basedrum. A bit monotonic tune but crisp and clear sound.

Comment by chunter on 2009-10-02 22:13:24

Vocal is lovely. The overall feel of the track and the "sidechain sound' are right on the money. You've done pieces that manage more meandering than this tune does, but this is good in its own way.

I believe you do achieve the goal of a modernized classic tracker sound.

Comment by Airmann on 2009-10-03 21:46:57

Hey yo Knetter,

when hearing this tune at the first time it sounded somehow unusual to me. I also was surprised about the lofi character - somehow strange compared to your usual "cleaner" sound. But as you wrote it is obviously intended. To be honest this kind of sound is not too much my cup of tea (especially track18), but that's a simple matter of taste.

I like:

- your buildup nice as usual
- your drum programming - extensive as usual. I really should invest more time in that, too.
- Pattern 32 till end I like most. This is great !
- Your kick really kicks ass with those maximizer in beat. I also like that you play some notes with the kick which sounds awesome
- ringmod sweep in pattern 23 on track6 sounds fantastic. Very good idea to use the ringmodulator for sweeping. Will remember this technique.
- the vox fit well and are nicely panned to side as backing vox
- interesting tremolo automation in some tracks

I don't like so much:
- As mentioned the Lofi sound feeling based on several distortion DSPs
- strings in the beginning (pattern 2+) sound somewhat cheesy - but ok fits to lofi theme ;-)
- it seems that the overall rythm+speed is somehow "sagging". I had the feeling that it needed more speed or another accentuation ? Maybe it's the high groove setting value (70%). Maybe just the speed. I'm not sure.
- stuttering in pattern 10 track 18 sounds out of time. Intended out of time feeling ?
- your usage of reverbs: you use a lot of isolated reverbs per track that have almost the same setting. You easily could've created a common send track with those reverb for all of your tracks. But maybe you already know this and it was the same as with me this round (time factor) ?
- Reverb in track1 is too intense/long IMO. You can hear it when you stop the song somewhere. Maybe you could cut the reverb tail with a gate or make it just less wet ?

Puh I pretty got into the details and I hope it wasn't too rude !
I justed wanted to give you detailed honest feedback.

You know Knetter I like a lot of your tracks. And though it's this time not so much my taste (till Pattern 32),
the track has also its qualities like others stated before. Especially Pattern 32++ is pretty cool.

Comment by sim on 2009-10-04 12:20:54

I totally agree with necto ulin concerning track 18. Though I do not think it is a matter of the frequencies.
Just turn off the distortion-effect and raise the volume and it is just another perfect knetter-track.

Comment by Knetter on 2009-10-04 16:54:21

Wow this is surely an interesting comments-round! I read lots of new mixing techniques (also in other's threads). I like to thanks all of you for the deep listen and constructive comments. Maybe if you don't like the style or you're unfamiliar with it, I have been listening to some of Chirs Clarke's and Pictureplane's music lately and got inspired by it. Especially the latter is so 'raw' and I like it a lot...You can hear the cutting-effect there a lot.

@tenfour: I see what you mean, I had experimented with some additional melodies but couldn't get the matching one.
@Airmann: I like the idea of reverb grouping. Is it only CPU-wise a better idea or does it include some "reverb tail interference" kind of theory? btw: Its funny that the LFO device is so much used by you as well this round!

Comment by Airmann on 2009-10-05 09:36:36

To be honest: I never had to really care about CPU workload as long as taking part here in the Compo. So I don't do anything to be resource friendly ;-)
My gaim is always to create the best sound.

Applying reverb in groups makes sense, because you send 1..n sources into the same room. It's like a band is playing in the same room. All echoing, reverberation and so on is the same for all of the instruments. Now imagine a flute and a piano playing at the same time. They have the same amount of early reflections and reverb tail. Means also: the same amount of decay/damping. The danger that the reverbs makes the mix washy and intransparent (e.g. flute overlays piano in certain frequency bands) is minimized. This is much more difficult to avoid when every instrument has it's own reverb, because of the different reverb lengths and so on. Moreover grouping is nice, becaus you can easily aplly filters/tail cuts after the reverb in send channel. Moreover you only have one gainer for reverb. And so on.
Necto stated in the comments of my song that as a rule of thumb not more than 3 reverb rooms make sense in a song (e.g. early reflections, ambient, hall). I agree with him. Though I also can imagine exceptions (especially in electronic music)

Another thing: normally you master songs after mixing them. In mastering process often a mastering reverb is applied to give the song a last polish and shine. This normally has to be the highest quality reverb like an Impulse Response based reverb. E.g. Altiverb, SIR and so on. The mixer should be aware about this fact. Though here at SDCompo it's of course not that important.

E.g. Kalachnikov has applied mastering reverb by adding reverbs to master channel during the last rounds. I think this worked for his first entry (happy xxx), but I personally wouldn't overdo it because of the low quality of the Renoise reverbs (can easily ruin your mix - sounds metallic).

Las but not least: LFO rokks !! Looking forward to the future :-)

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