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Maria's Closet by tenfour

Round 42
Author tenfour
Title Maria's Closet
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Authors' Notes

I'm so happy to be back in the competition. For this Halloween-themed attempt, I simply followed where the samplepack led me. I am excited to hear what others have done this round.

Best wishes everyone!


Comment by Necto_Ulin on 2009-09-28 08:18:44

Tenfour, hello. Its nice to see You and hear Your tune in this compo. I'm not frequent visitor here and its always nice to see the new faces in trackers legion :)
Let me say a few words about Your track.

I like:
- interesting and original idea
- Your tune sounds very applicative (as game soundtrack for exampl)
- nice tracking (with different tricks to keep rhythm and drums full-filled).

I dont like:
- mix sounds muddy (but its really doesn't big matter for tracker music)
- exactly the same parts before and after bridge in 02:05
- some annoying frequencies (I think because of bells) since 01:41

In total - as for me its good-looking song with interesting and applicative story.

Comment by Knetter on 2009-09-28 15:30:41

Very minimalistic demo tune. Interesting story.

Comment by juolac on 2009-09-29 13:47:15

I like the chirp track, and the "suggestive" atmosphere is interesting indeed.

Comment by Taiyal on 2009-09-30 13:49:29

Double epic!
1: Reminds me of Gundam 0079, and for some weird reason, 007 Goldeneye (N64)...
2: This is tracking.

Comment by Airmann on 2009-10-01 10:38:33

hey is Maria's closet really that creepy ;-). If so I'd choose another location for my daily needs ;-))

Short story regarding creepiness:
I'm residing here in Canada at the moment and Halloween is still to come. Yesterday I saw a huge
plastic motor chainsaw covered over and over with blood stains in the children's department of a huge mall.
Those crazy creppy thing - it was of course a toy - made authentic texas chain saw massacre sound and children
where happily playing with it . It was really creepy ... crazy North Americans.

ok back to your song:

I like your well-done overall musical approach, the harmonics and the arrangement. The B-Part I like most
only the finale is a bit weak. The overall atmosphere is 100% halloween and Tim Burton compatible. Very nice and theoretically suitable for a bunch of commercial uses like Computer games (maybe with exceoption of B-Part which is too nice)

I moreover like the nice staccato bass, especially when it's played together with the kick.
Chirp melody in pattern 8 is great. Your usage of delays/cuts (f pattern effect) and humanizing is effective
Your tracking is very solid.

Your mix is also nice. Only some frequencies seem to lay over each other. Maybe it's the reverb (as far as I can remember mainly in the first part(s) of the song ?).

What really amazed me is your snare programming. Those delayed Lsn Rsn and Sn2 kombination sound soooo great and
a bit like those snare sound they use in circuses. Wow ! I'll have to remember this technique.

This is a very well done song !

Comment by tenfour on 2009-10-01 20:27:07

truth is i've never seen Maria's closet. let's hope my interpretation is a pessimistic one.

I decided to write this like a day before the deadline. Because of that I left out a lot of detail that I might otherwise put in, but even now I think the song does OK without extra tlc. I am proud of myself for finishing so quickly; I really didn't think I would pull that off. The whole time I was writing i was like "ugh this is going to be a waste of time :(" - then I surprised the hell out of myself.

The form is basically a melody repeated 4 times. First gently and ambiguously, then twice clearly with rhythm and lead, then as a "finale"--Which is admittedly weak as Airmann pointed out.

The chord progression is a bit crazy, but I tried to stayed away from jazz harmony which was hard for me. I still couldn't help sneak in a few #11s and a few 9s. The progression is:

Am - Eb7 - Am - Eb7
Am - Eb7 - Am - Eb7
Am - Eb7 - Am - Eb7
Am - Eb7 - Dm - Ab7 - Dm - Ab7

Gm9 - Dm(maj7)/F - Em7b5 - Eb7#11
Dm6 - Cm6 - Bbm(maj7)
Dbmaj#5 - Dbmaj - Gmaj
Abm(maj7) - Dmaj7b5

There is no real hook to the song except a very minor climax in those last 2 chords of the B section having a sound of change & finality. That moment is emphasized in the finale.

There is a recurring pattern of the interval of a tritone. It's everywhere in the bassline and chord progression, and happens in a few places elsewhere. Admittedly cliché for a horror theme, but I tried to make it tasteful anyway.

All that being said, regarding the mixing/production aspect, even when I know what sounds good or bad, I rarely know how to fix it. I am learning a lot from this compo so I think my mixes tend to get better every time. It's really helpful to read the comments on everyone's songs.

Airmann: i'm glad you like the snare. I used the snare as a bit of an exercise for me to try and get a real acoustic sounding snare out of a bland sample. I was inspired by the Steely Dan "Gaucho" album. I was hoping someone would notice I put time into that :)

Necto: even though it's repeated almost verbatim, I think it's warranted. The critique is only necessary if the song actually sounds repetitive, and to me this does not. When cutting corners to make the deadline, this was an easy decision.

Comment by sim on 2009-10-04 12:22:38

Very tense and eager atmosphere and well executed track. For sure there is something wrong with maria´s closet or with the one who cares about her closet. I do not know. Maybe something is wrong with me... Not my cup of tea ;)

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