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A Light In The Darkness by Shadowbane

Round 42
Author Shadowbane
Title A Light In The Darkness
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Module Link sdc42_Shadowbane-A_Light_In_The_Darkness.psy.gz
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Authors' Notes

comments welcome!


Comment by tenfour on 2009-09-28 04:37:43

404 on the URL

Comment by Shadowbane on 2009-09-28 10:07:25

works now, somehow got deleted from the host...

Comment by Knetter on 2009-09-28 16:14:54

Downloaded it but can't play it in winamp.... ; _ ;

Yo shade, du ya recomaind a-nutta playa?!

Comment by tenfour on 2009-09-28 17:05:57

I tried on VLC and it stops half way through too. I have the feeling the file is corrupt.

Comment by juolac on 2009-09-29 13:30:09

The sound is "raw" and feels minimalistic and unpolished, maybe that's intentional?
The strings melody has something interesting going on, like an early amiga game with horror-theme?

Comment by tenfour on 2009-09-29 14:03:45

You have chosen a rather difficult approach to composing. These samples sound more "raw" on your track than others because your composition leads my brain to thinking it's meant for acoustic performance. If you had a real cello & bass playing that intro, it would be applauded. Now if you used raw samples for a techno track, it would still sound unpolished but not nearly as much. A robot can play techno; it can't play acoustic. In order for you to pull off a humanistic performance with a tracker, it takes a LOT of work. Note lengths, pushing/pulling rhythms, and especially dynamics - from the perspective of the whole piece, the phrase, and even a single note.

You have mostly solid ideas here, and a few obvious random moments. There is a clear form, clear direction in this song. I think it's a good sketch, but to me it's not polished. There are a lot of places where there's huge potential like the crash at 1:46. I could imagine this being a big orchestral moment, but it's not executed very effectively. These melodies are asking for more TLC :)

Comment by Necto_Ulin on 2009-10-01 08:39:42

Shadowbane, hi. Finally Ive listened Your work and I have some thoughts about it.

I like:
- nice mood I've got while listening so as it ends I turned it on again
- You have instrumental music here but there are so few non-electronic sounds in pack, good work with such insufficient sound material
- interesting story (see below)

I dont like:
- You know ...
Actually I like Your track. Right now I have the life period when I watch all horror movies since 1896 and my current movies pack is from 1968-1973. You know, Your music would be quite good for one of them :) As for technical side of composition I think it is too much discording sounds in melodies.

Comment by Airmann on 2009-10-02 13:40:42

Hi Shadowbane,

To be honest I think this is a bit a too raw and experimental one. I liked your last one really pretty much and rated it high, because it was very creative and original and well done. In this one I have the feeling that you just did some experiments like drawing randomly with a pen on paper. I believe you can do much better, but maybe you haven't had the time ?

If I'm wrong please let me know. I justed wanted to give you honest feedback.

BTW: can't play the OGG fully with Windows Media Player. It just stops at 2/3 or so.

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