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M-ode to Olli by Marko

Round 43
Author Marko
Title M-ode to Olli
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Authors' Notes

This track is a cover to Mick Rippon's "Ode to Olli".

It uses some samples from the samplepack of SDCompo Round 43
plus my short vocal sample (by computer's mic). Other are native plugins and
some effects that belong to Psycle 1.8.5

I liked the original melody and had a vision that it missed something italian-like vocals. So here's my entry.



Comment by Knetter on 2009-10-28 08:39:23

I see the idea about the vocals, thats quite nice. Unfortunately they are represented in quite a short part compared to the enormous intro.

Comment by Sonicade on 2009-10-31 22:38:46

Nice job with the panning. Stereo field is nice and wide.
I really like the vocals. They sound a little muffled so maybe some EQ would have brought out some highs but maybe its just the mic.
If this song feels like it needs anything I would try adding some more to the drum track.
Otherwise production level is good, nice work Marko!

Comment by Steve on 2009-11-01 15:14:47

I've been away from the site for a while, so haven't heard your stuff in some time, but my first impression when I heard this was that your production skills have improved a lot since you started here. The vocals are a really nice touch. You should buy yourself a proper mic, and then bring on some more of them in future entries!

Comment by Airmann on 2009-11-01 16:38:45

Good choice - I like the melody of this tune. The vox sound nice. Your voice sounds good. Like your lead sound. Agree with Knetter about the long intro. Also like your mix without looking at the details.
At all this is a nice one :-)

Comment by Mickrip on 2009-11-02 00:34:51

This sounds like you've turned off the percussion channels! :P I find the song lacks energy without the percussion. Unfortunately, I felt like this was the ringtone version of Ode to Olli.

I love your take on the vocals. I wished you dedicated a bigger chunk of the tune to the vocals because it sounded like you were comfortable doing it all this way. It's probably a part of your music you should focus on because it was great.

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