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Puddle Drops by Shadowbane

Round 44
Author Shadowbane
Title Puddle Drops
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Authors' Notes

It's so peaceful and serene. When did I start doing peaceful and serene?


Comment by Knetter on 2009-11-23 13:24:47

Excellent movie atmosphere! Very nice.
I have to listen more carefully for the details.

Comment by chunter on 2009-11-25 20:53:26

I forgot to use the water sample; it was so pretty. This was a great sample pack.

The organ/choir combo sounds very peaceful and serene indeed. I wish the piece led someplace a bit bigger, but, if for example, this was taken as short movie or VG cut scene background music, it would suit its scene well.

Comment by juolac on 2009-11-26 15:07:08

This music reminds me of some swedish adventure movies for kids from the 70's by the author Astrid Lindgren.
"The brothers Lionheart" If you find the music somewhere, listen and you'll know what I mean.

Weird huh?

But it is a compliment you know, because it has, and this piece of music has very nice mood.

Comment by Willisica on 2009-11-27 10:33:07

Today everything, everything just reminds me of some videogame. And this gives me the picture that Link has just saved Hyrule, and he's taking a leak next to Northern Palaces gate.

Sounds good, but the water sample makes a feeling you gotta take a leak.

Comment by andyray on 2009-11-27 15:26:35

I second Joulac.. (but I guess that's only because we grew up on that stuff...)
I like fact that you didn't include any percussive instruments and that you kept it fairly short..
What I miss is the lower frequencies... It's too heavy on the mid's and could use a deeper bass in certain parts to give
dynamics to the arrangement... apart from that I find it pleasantly lullaby-ish.. ;)



Comment by Airmann on 2009-11-27 16:19:29

This is a very nice follow up to "Abandoned", which I liked pretty much. As in the older on I like your expression here - the peaceful lake atmosphere is transfered very well.
Good choice of intstruments, too. Nice mix + panning automation (L-C-R). Maybe some more bass as andyray stated (but was more bombastic and maybe not so peaceful), in general I was actually happy with the mix. Indeed it sounds cinematic with the water drops. This song nicely demonstrates, how the environment influences our output. Very good result for such a short tracking time. Well done !

BTW: I also have seen Lionheart as a child, and I think Juolac is right ... there are similarities.

Comment by Airmann on 2009-11-29 11:16:38

Hey Shadowbane, left a note about the download probs in my comments. Greetings

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