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tHE sUNSHINE by JustinCredible

Round 45
Author JustinCredible
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Authors' Notes

Hi everyone :D

I hope you had a nice Xmas :D
This is my last entry this year - so i decided to do something special.
For the first time ever i added my "tender" voice to one of my tracks - it might also be the last time.
I hope you enjoy the track anyway - you can still mute the vocal track if you wish to :D

All the best


I've been bruised, i've been used, i've been beaten up, black and blue.
And i assume
That i've been the fool.

The head takes hold....
Head's in control

And it made me mean, made me cruel,
made me just the same as you
did things i should'nt do.

The heart gets told...

Done things to make it through, while making up excuses to
Just get ahead, get along, get some more, get some fun.

The head lets go...
Out of control

I got to get ahead or get none
Gotta get it all, then get some

No Control...
Out of Control
No Control...

Gotta lock how far i've come
Lived so fast, died so young
Can't seem to find my way,
Now somebody help me please

Help me please...
Now somebody help me please
Show me the sunshine...


Comment by Airmann on 2009-12-30 14:35:16

Hey Justin,
I think this is one of your best songs I've heard here so far. It's a lot of work to create lyrics and record + postprocess them. I respect that.
Vocals and melody reminds me somehow to good old "Selig" stuff "... sag mir ist es wichtig, so richtig wichtig ist es nicht".

Like the atmosphere you create. Like the vox with it's megaphone-like effect - how did you do it ?
The instrumentation and the sounds fit very well, drum programming as always nice.
Mix sounds good on my headphones - not so much loudness, that's nice !

The lyrics about bullying victims and persons that run amok I guess ? Good not shallow lyrics ! Like it.

As always a slow nice build up with Intro - A-Part (lyrics/chorus alternation) - Finale. It sounds like you stay always on the same chord. Again I think a kind of Refrain or B-Part or a different Chorus-Part with a different progression would dramatically improve the song. You don't even need a C-Part or Bridge.
What do you think ?

Pretty good one !

Comment by juolac on 2010-01-02 13:51:28

I love the atmospheric feeling in this! Very well done.

The "choruses" are very cool. Reminds me of something from the eighties...
Damn... I can't say which but sounds very familiar. Somebody help me out on this?


Comment by dark_virus on 2010-01-02 14:51:08

Really great song. I call it "menacing electronica" because it has a dramatic feel. Production is top. Nice work!

Comment by chunter on 2010-01-02 17:11:24

The vocal in this is absolutely amazing. When Renoise 2.5 becomes official, see if you can use some "ducking" tricks to bring the background instruments just a little bit, taking care not to destroy that vocal.

For those trying to put a name of another band to this, I'm thinking Love and Rockets crossed with EMF. Hope that doesn't show my age too much ;)

Regarding Airmann's comment, "So Alive" by Love and Rockets has one chord change- in the chorus. That makes for a very powerful alteration and tells everyone where the name of the song is. It also has a moment where all the background instruments stop to punctuate a single sentence.

Comment by JustinCredible on 2010-01-03 10:49:36

Hi @ all,

thanks for your comments so far - as always they are very much appreciated (so keep them coming :D )
It's cool, that most of you seem to like the vox and lyrics - that makes me more self-confident to try and use my vocals for future tracks.

@Airmann - you can ceck the xrns File if you want to know, how i did the post processing :)
All effects are Renoise DSP effects. But mainly i used the telephone (BP-Filter) and two low pass filters.


Comment by juolac on 2010-01-04 13:45:48

Try playing this with groove setting #6! :) Cool

Comment by JustinCredible on 2010-01-04 15:58:27

@juolac - hehe you are right :) - groooovy

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