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Diamond Dust (Alt. Ver. "Uzsniga Sniedzins Balts") by cralias

Round 45
Author cralias
Title Diamond Dust (Alt. Ver. "Uzsniga Sniedzins Balts")
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Module Link sdc45_cralias-uzsniga_sniedzins_balts_(diamond_dust).xrns
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Authors' Notes


Comment by irrelevnt on 2010-01-02 01:42:43

It's very pretty/beautiful.

I've never heard the original, and am not familiar with it, but this version sounds very nice.

Comment by juolac on 2010-01-02 13:37:53

No need for apologies to the authors!
Haven't heard the original version but since it's vocal and with a guitar this is a very well done remix!
Very nice to listen to. Well balanced mix in my humble opinion :)

Comment by chunter on 2010-01-02 16:57:04

Nice overall feel and beat. I wish the piano and cello had a bit more treble brightness to it, though that could be an effect of my poor and rushed listening environment.

Is this a sad song?

Comment by JustinCredible on 2010-01-03 10:06:30


wow, this is really a very relaxing tune.
I also don't know the original tune, but your version is a nice song and does not necessarely feel like a christmas song for me.

All the best


Comment by Airmann on 2010-01-03 19:52:39

This remix is really well done ! I like your mix it's 100% Xmas compatible, quiet, nice and beautiful.

Very nice stereo panning inkl. automation ...makes a hearable difference. Result: everything's transparent. Nothing seems to lay over each other.
I see you used a lot of mp2reverb instances. Try to use a 1-3 sendtracks with different reverb settings instead. Nonetheless, your usage of reverb
sounds ok. You used a filter/eq behind almost every reverb. Normally there's the rule: EQ before reverb if you want to equalize the instrument sound,
EQ/filter after reverb (in send channel) to alter the sound of the reverb.

Moreover, you did a good EQing in master channel:
It's brave to reduce the bass freqs like you did, but at least in my headphones this gives those shiny and bright Xmas feeling. Nice !

Good low cutting, for high cutting a softer roll off could be better than the butterworth8n. Try to use a high shelve filter (see preset "gentle roll off" for filter 3, but adjust this preset !). I used to use the butterworth 8n, in the past too, but a softer roll off seems to be better.

Extrapoints for the Snow ASCII in Renoise song comment and instrument list !

Well done !

Comment by Chotoro on 2010-01-04 05:50:52

I checked out the original (?) on youtube, and I definitely like your version more. :)
I have a pretty awesome snow landscape outside my window now, and this song fits perfectly.

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