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lament expire dub by organic_io

Round 6
Author organic_io
Title lament expire dub
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Module Link sdc6_djio-lament-expire-dub.rar
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Authors' Notes

time signature is in 5/4. the idea for the song was for it to be in the style of dub, although i'm not quite sure what to call it now...

this was hard to work with at first just because of its unfamiliarity, but i like it quite a lot now. it helped to count it as "1 2 3, 1 2" instead of "1 2 3 4 5"... it was awkward for a while because it just felt "wrong", but after working with it for a few hours it just clicked in my head. i think i'll be trying some more non-standard time signatures soon.

time spent: a little over 8 hours. i didn't quite get enough time to finish it as thoroughly as i wanted. obviously there is still room for improvement in mixing, and if i had more time i would have done some of the leads differently.


Comment by Sonicade on 2006-07-29 06:14:34

Whoa trippy bass and time signature. The full force area is nice, cool wild melodies. I like how you used the bass sample, the bass line is tight. Kinda hard to put your finger on the beat because of the none standard time signature but definite tech points for working in unfamiliar territory.

After a couple listens the 5/4 time starts to grow on you . Many nice ideas here (I liked the forbidden agogo percussion!) and kudos for expanding your time signature prowess.

Comment by harold on 2006-07-29 06:21:53

I agree, theres some freaky math going on in this one. Respect, io.

Comment by organic_io on 2006-07-29 07:16:36

agogo percussion ??? i hope you didn't turn on the track simply called "rhythm", i just used that as a timekeeper to help me place the other instruments and percussion. guess i should have deleted that, but i left my file a mess with my pattern comments and all :)

Comment by Sonicade on 2006-07-29 07:28:10

Shoot maybe I did unmute that rhythm track. I don't remember doing it on purpose but sometimes I ctrl+\ to solo and then unsolo tracks which will unmute everything.^^; I played it again and this time the rhythm was muted. Well I enjoyed the agogo the first time! Sounds good with or without so take it or leave it I guess. :) .. ah, I do remember it asking me if I wanted to save so I must have bumped something the first time. ;)

Woo commenting on entries at 5:40am, we are hardcore compo-ers alright!

Comment by organic_io on 2006-07-29 07:45:08

8:40am here, and still no sleep.

sometimes i audition peoples' individual tracks while listening too, i should have thought to delete that track. ah well. no big deal, although it's nasty loud compared to the rest of the track when it's on

edit: oh man i just listened with it turned on and it sounds terrible :( well i'll never forget to delete unused tracks before i submit again!

Comment by andyray on 2006-07-29 14:20:28

I like the fact that there's too much going on.. Reminds me of my old fusion-days when you needed to listen quite a few times just to come to grips with a track and a few more to really appreciate it.
It's a bit tricky to make so many sustained sounds with different melody lines to work without it clashing and
sounding too saturated. I don't think you succed all the way but like always it may just be an eq or levelling-thing...
I also like the many variations and changes that occur throughout while still maintaining the theme.
Kudos for for incorporating (as you usually do) a different rythm-set/time sig than the usual four to the floor stomp that's very common nowadays... keep doing your thing! It's appreciated here...

Not your strongest track to date, though, but an interesting listen nonetheless.

Comment by groovyone on 2006-07-29 20:31:35

Interesting tune.

SMooth like a baby's butt.

Interesting chord progressions, nice alternate timing (5/4 work).

The one major complaint I with this track, is that the instruments are out of tune.. and I'm pitch sensitive. *howls*

Comment by Harmony on 2006-07-29 22:59:15

Very cool track dj io :) Your intro is kickass and the beat is groovy! There's one drum beat that sounds off right from the start though, it's a bass drum and it's in your "kick" channel, the very last note in that channel (in every second pattern) sounds like it's 2 rows too high (listen to pattern 29 for an example although it's all through the piece). If you push that last note down two rows (so it hits on 56 instead of 54) the rhythm sounds more natural in those patterns, the hit also sounds good at row 60 instead of 54.

I think your bass and melody, especially your choice of main instrument, are really good! The melody is cohesive and interesting, and your accompaniment mixes the sound up well. The bridge is also good although there might be a few off notes there. On a personal note I would have brought your main melody back in a lot sooner, say at pattern 41, because by then you're really hanging out to go back to that funky main melody which is your riff, it's the magic of the entire track and I think bringing it back in there would have added a lot of strength to the piece rather than letting the bridge go on and become repititious (especially when you could go back to the second half of the bridge after you repeat the melody). Just my $0.02 anyway on the composition. Also the cymbal hit at the end is too much and too loud, consider just fading out the track entirely, it really doesn't need that hit at the end.

Fix up that beat issue and maybe try re-entering the melody at pattern 41 and I think you'd have a real winner on your hands as overall the composition and instrumentation are solid and you've got a winning riff in that melody as well as an unusual rhythm. Nice work :)!

Comment by organic_io on 2006-07-30 19:21:35

groovyone, since i am going to still be doing more work on this song, could you tell me specifically what sounded out of tune? i didn't notice it all during tracking but when i was listening to it in the car a few minutes ago it sounded like the bass was slightly flat compared to the leads --- still i don't understand how this could be since i didn't change the tuning of any of the instruments ???
maybe it will get resolved with VSTi's, however i wasn't planning on switching out the bass for a vsti, although i will if it is the out of tune culprit. let me know. thanks!

Comment by groovyone on 2006-07-31 00:24:53

There are some slighly out of tune samples I noticed in the pack when used together.
I found Lead 3 is slightly sharp - drop it to -5, also the celesta is slighly flat - bring it up to +4. I think it's just the various instruments you're using have a slight vibrato to them as well as the delay. All that in combination made a phantom tone specially around pattern 24, 27.

I'm not a big fan of the celest sample, it tends to go out of tune at higher frequencies and never sounds quite stable.

Comment by organic_io on 2006-07-31 00:31:56

interesting. i didn't notice that.. but i tend to automagically correct things in my mind, it probably makes me a bad listener and a bad mixologist! i will definitely try what you said, and possibly switch out the celeste for a vsti, if i can find one that sounds good. thank you so much!!!

Comment by hcys on 2006-07-31 04:25:21

Very cool tune dj io. :) Great tempo and motion. I dig the change from 3 to 4 throughout the full force part.

Comment by Aged on 2006-07-31 12:12:02

Interesting chord progression, and great drum/percussion programming..
Your best tune so far in SDcompo! (at least I think so..)
Overall a great track!

Comment by overthruster on 2006-08-02 11:29:35

a lot going on here i think, the 5/4 really lends itself to the sort of jumpy bouncy feel of it i think, and the sort of dancehall part is really radical!
the full force part is a great use of the 5/4 a great beat there, the "musical" aspects of it also are very nice and "serious" sounding :D

Comment by Johan on 2006-08-04 09:47:45

Good beats! The harp is too monotonous imho. Weird tempo, but interesting - it actually works out good.

Comment by RobWilliamsJnr on 2006-08-04 10:22:46

like the business, intertwining melodies and the groove. (one of my fave all time songs is in 10 8 - Mission Impossible Theme ( 123 123 12 12 ). high light is change at 02:35-02:54. some chord changes felt a litle awkward.

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