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Falling Drop by nt

Round 49
Author nt
Title Falling Drop
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Module Link nt_-_falling_drop.xrns
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Authors' Notes

Its orchestral/happy and it tells a story about a falling drop of water. On its way to the ground it's passing various situations like danger and fun until it finally lands in a peaceful place (I like happy endings).
With a higher quality this song is also meant to be the music for a 3D animated video. The idea of the above story comes from a friend, Helge, who does the animations.

During the competition I asked if we were allowed to record an accoustic guitar.
Since I tend to have strong focus on meldy in classical songs, I take the characterstics of such instruments to provide the rhythmic feel. The outcome might show how I meant to use it in an orchestral song.

You can hear some missing details by the end of the song, because I was in a rush and had a strong lack of sleep when I got closer to the deadline. Once again I could not upload fast enough to be in time - I should change my attitude Wink

However, I put lots of efforts into the song, so I'd really like to receive some comments.


Comment by emeu on 2010-05-31 20:50:16

I think you definitely accomplished what you were shooting for. This screams for animated video and one can actually picture an imaginary script. It sounds simple and peaceful and happy. It's all very well done.
I also think this song would work just as fine without the guitar.
I'd love to watch the video when it's done.

Comment by ambtax1 on 2010-06-03 13:51:52

Hello Gilzad,
How are you?
Amazing piece by you. Your attention to detail in the track is beautiful.
Not very constructive I know...
Lovely melody. The counter melody by the percussion instruments fit perfectly.
Peace my friend...

Comment by ambtax1 on 2010-06-03 13:54:02

One thing...
I gather you didn't have much time?
I would like to here this extended into something darker. That is what I am hearing in my head anyway.
A minor key of some kind. It could be extended into about five minutes with a re-introduction of the initial melody for the end.

Comment by Knetter on 2010-06-03 15:37:36

Very interesting and high quality song dude!
I can see the idea of animation going on.

Comment by Chotoro on 2010-06-03 17:25:02

Quite impressive solo violin programming there! Well, except it sounds exactly like a tenor sax in pattern 7, but o well. :)

I think you'll want to use the actual VSTi for the backing string sections though, with a round-robin patch (or the repetitions button turned on). Unless that's where you were going to put the guitar, of course. Though I really like the little doodles at the end of patterns 6 and 10!

Ambtax has a point. A minor key (not necessarily unhappy) might be a good in-between for the continuation.

Comment by chunter on 2010-06-03 18:11:12

I can tell you had to hurry to finish but this sounds incredible anyway- the reverb on the background strings sounds like it was imported from a 50's or 60's film, with some care this could sound absolutely superb.

Like Chotoro's this piece does not capitulate, my ears expect an ending instead of a move to a new section, though as Ambtax said, you could easily take this into an alternate key and have it go on for a good five to seven minutes as long as enough ideas are introduced.

Comment by nt on 2010-06-04 12:23:56

Thank you guys so much.
Also those who wrote comments in the forum!

@emeu: If we ever get to have an animation, I'll let you know! I think the guitar is rather bound to my personal taste, other than that you're right. It's not mandatory.

@ambtax1: Hiya! It's interesting you mention that minor key. The idea for the song evolved since more than 3 years in my head. SDC is indeed a good motivation to finally write down ideas ;) . Anyway, my ideas would not have gone further for an extended minor key part. Maybe because I limited myself thinking of the short animation timeline (which doesn't even exist yet). Now I can really think of starting with the tonic, adding a seventh and going a long minor key way then. Maybe as an extended version.

@Knetter: Hey man! I was really afraid the quality would be much too low. Really cheering me up. Still I belive there is much to improve.

@Chotoro: Actually I always found it hard to simulate a tenor sax ;) No, it's true. I even thought it sounded like a clarinette at the ornaments. I have to belive you, since you actually play the violin. I had taken the samples from ldk1609 at . Though he offers samples for every note I'd need, I missed to expand my multisampled instrument (the lack of time). This instrument is unbelivable. The smallest sampling artifacts make it sound unnatural immedately. Actually it puts its characteristics every little phrasing. That's why I love it.

For some reason the VSTi's installer stopped with an error on Windows, I'll have to give it another go. But I would have made it sample based anyway for this compo. Don't know how it would sound with the round-robin patch or the repetitions feature. I'd not put the guitar at the end of pattern 6 and 10. Glad you noticed 10, too. I think that's where the strings are going under too much.

Yes, I think the minor-key does not have to be unhappy but the idea of a pregnant "serious" part is getting more and more dominant.

@chunter: That's funny. Together with Airmann you're two guys telling me about the 60's feel of it. I guess the combination of "happy" and "orchestral" gave some "Soul Bossa Nova" character to it. I like that ;)
About the ending. What you wrote about classical songs getting back to their main melody at the end...I never paid attention to this "stylisic device". Indeed I wrote the ending the way I had it in mind for this song. But maybe, if I'd go the way you guys are suggesting (take to minor key, have a trip there), I might feel the need to get back to the main melody for the ending, so both of your ideas would be combined then. I can imagine that this would work pretty well.

@KungFuFurby: Totally agree, the Marimbas and all the other percussive melodies have to be added to the ending of the song and I'll do so!

Comment by Airmann on 2010-06-06 17:42:40

Hey nt I'm glad that this one was added by Sonicade :-). That's the good thing about this Compo: it's fair and flexible and Sonicade makes IMO really a good job in "ruling".
Funny to see that also Chunter sensed a 60ies feeling. I didn't analyze too much, didn't have the time to look at all those XRNS, just wrote down my impressions while hearing to streaming audio.
Anyway, this is a great production. Would love to see the video. Cheers.

Comment by Shadowbane on 2010-06-06 21:28:57

This sounds amazing, but it seems like it ends a bit suddenly, like there should be more at the end, possibly the introduction of another theme.

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