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Eyes Closed by JustinCredible

Round 50
Author JustinCredible
Title Eyes Closed
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Authors' Notes


this is Eyes Closed - a bit of the common, "rhythm driven" JC sound, hand in hand with some celebration mood :D

Cheers SD Compo for being there - it is so much fun going on here - let's enjoy the next 50 rounds....

P.S. The song features some vocal samples taken from the Acapella of "49ers" song "Move Your Feet".


Comment by andyray on 2010-07-13 03:15:36

Hey man! Nice to see another track of yours that build on your soon to be trademarked rythm sound ;)
I don't really think all of the instrumentation works, though! the more "gamey" sounds doesn't fit with the rest, drums - vocals - pads etc... maybe they're a bit out of tune.. but overall it's a laid back driven sound and it's nice that the tempo isn't so hectic..
and I really like the addition of the vocal samples... I love that 49ers song but I must say that in your version I wouldn't have recognized it straight away if you hadn't mentioned it... good...
Oh, and the part mid-song is really strong where you drop most instrumentation and is left with rythm section and not much else...



Comment by juolac on 2010-07-14 15:28:08

Your drum programming is awesome! Nice endings and fillings.
The vocals fits well to the 8-bit feeling of the bassline and leads.
Good one!

Regarding your question in my thread:
To mute a track for one sequence, click on the selected block(track) in the matrix and then press the Return key, there; the block will be marked with an X = muted for that sequence.

Comment by Knetter on 2010-07-15 14:50:30

While listening I'm thinking too much snares. Try gating them, that will give you the rythmic effect. Vox sample is nice, square a bit off tone though. Real beat comes in a bit late I guess, but it does catching up with the snares a bit :)
I like the second part a lot since that beat goes well with the rest of the music.

Comment by Airmann on 2010-07-15 17:53:48

Hey jo Justin :-),

listening to XRNS....
definitely a recognizeable Justin song with funky vocals. Interesting combination BTW. The intro is nice with the hall reverb. The vox starting in pattern 8 come in quite effectively.
Synth02 is demoish cool. Regarding snares: I think Knetter is right, especially about snare01 - just a bit too dominant. I just moved the gate threshhold slider up -11,5 dB. Think that's better. Alternatively you could give it some breaks, too.

One thing about the mix: you used a lot of overall reverb (hall) . Some of the sounds are drowning in reverb (e.g. synth03). I would recommend just one mpreverb in a send track. Also try to keep especially the bass sounds away from too much reverb. E.g. In intro the reverb for the sub track is cinematic, but later on you could switch it off to avoid bass washiness.

Otherwise this song has a funky drive and the vocals are well integrated ... Nice one

Best regards ... :)

Comment by chunter on 2010-07-16 16:45:32

Building on Airmann's comments, if you want the sound of reverb on the bass, you can put the reverb in a send channel and cut its bass frequencies so they don't fight the mix so much. (You can also strategically bring those bass frequencies back...)

This vocal is also used in a Sega Rally 2 replay tune. There is a chance that I know it in its original context, but since you used the same bits Sega did I can't help thinking of it.

You did well at taking samples that were noisy to my ears when I auditioned them in the pack, and made them sound very crisp and clean.

Comment by Marko on 2010-07-19 06:29:22

I liked the intro very much.
The percussive mid part (1:52 - 2:23) was too long, I think.
Vocal samples fit nicely, although partly I heard them cracked (illusion?).

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