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pSYCHOACTIVITY by JustinCredible

Round 53
Author JustinCredible
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Authors' Notes

Heyo fellow Renoise Lovers,

I hope you like this weird, little number :)
This is "Psychoactivity".



Comment by organic_io on 2010-11-03 11:30:32

Hey JC. Nice beats on this one. You always know how to put together a good sounding tech beat. I like the pads and chords that come in around 2:00. Nice kind of almost arabic type vibe going on here. Some of the instruments sound out of tune starting about 3:26, and then even worse around 3:56... Not sure what happened here. Maybe it's just me?

Overall though, a nice driving dance tune. Keep up the regular submissions!

Comment by nt on 2010-11-03 18:51:32

F-ing great beats, Justin!!!!
Oh, how I love it, when pattern 8 kicks in. I'm usually one of the first who longs for melody but in this tune I'd wish you kept the part with the dry beats going on longer. Oh, this could be just as great only with the beats and some basic bassline.
The intro (mostly the tonal snare drum) reminded me a bit of "Skai - Mir geht's gut" but yours is even tougher. So awesome. Also great panning of the drum elements and funky groove settings.

Io is right about the offtune sounds, instrument "BL02" needs to be finetuned by -30.

You made great, great fills with the drumloop snippets. Very creative.

Yes, the pads and the oriental harmony build a nice soundscape but what I love most is really the buildup to pattern 9.

Oh, and yes, the mixing is great, too. So many hats and none of them blurring into the other.


Comment by Chotoro on 2010-11-04 07:13:52

I like the way the hypnotizing bass keeps going throughout the song. Not much happening, but there shouldn't be either. I'm half expecting it to go on to the 10-minute mark, with only slight variations of the same.

For some reason the out-of-tune doesn't bother me, it just sounds like detuning. What does, however, is the slight aggressiveness of the mig-high frequencies. It kind of deflates the trance state a little, so some EQ to smooth that out would balance everything perfectly.

Comment by Knetter on 2010-11-05 13:45:09

hypnotizing indeed...awesome combinations where you respect the ongoing bass and gives it more support as the song progresses. It doesn't get boring while the bass keeps hynotyzing..! :) Crystal mixing man.
Good job!

Comment by Knetter on 2010-11-05 13:45:44

OMG! I get a bit of Chemical Brothers feeling! Thats very nice!

Comment by chunter on 2010-11-05 14:14:39

This is like 90's trance, the kind that shows you all these swirling ideas while you zone out to the repetition, this is very well done, don't have anything to add that wasn't mentioned already.

Comment by ambtax1 on 2010-11-05 17:25:22

Helloooo Justin.
I consider you to be the master of progressive beats on this compo site.
I believe this is one of your better tunes. Again, kudos to your mixing on this.

Comment by Airmann on 2010-11-06 18:01:14

high sound quality, really creative beats, agree about Chemical affinity. Bassline maybe more centered (?), but otherwise mix is great
Not to forget: cool arpeggio effects in the last part and the JC signature sound

Comment by JustinCredible on 2010-11-07 07:24:53

Thanks for all your comments so far.

Even though the detuning at the end of the song was on purpose, your comments made me check that song on different sound systems (car, friends etc.) - i should have done that before i guess...
Nevertheless - suprisingly i came to the conclusion, that that effect was on some systems CLEARLY stronger than on my home equipment - so strong that it was a bit annoying (as i think for example IO also experienced it).
Here at home it still sounds OK - just as i intended it to be - it seems as if my boxes and headphones are kind of deaf to some frequences or unable to play them proper - maybe it is even me who is going deaf (loud headphone music ftw :/ )
For that reason i also did not notice the detuning of the bl02 - which is irksome.
So sorry for that inconvenience and thanks to all of you - you were very helpfull - and cool that you still seem to like it.


Comment by cralias on 2010-11-07 12:58:33

Excellent beatwork, as always. When I heard the BL02 part for the first time, I thought it was out of tune, too. Actually, it just complements to that overall hazy, hypnotizing feeling. Sometimes out of tune is not that bad.

Comment by Knetter on 2010-11-08 13:08:36

JC, watch out for your precious tools man! Your ears are irreplaceable (maybe not if we continue with stemcell technique - but that still takes a couple of years...:/ ) I learned to wear earplugs at concerts and deliberately put a volume lock on my IPOD....

That was "mommy" Knetter speaking.

good day ;)

Comment by Chotoro on 2010-11-08 22:09:28

Yes, watch those ears. When they go, you're done for. Earphones that block out sound are truly a godsend, since there's no need to overpower environment sounds. You can quickly check your hearing by listening to a constant-amplitude frequency sweep e.g. 30hz-16kHz over 10 seconds with good headphones, I do this every now and then. Sensitivity differs across the spectrum, but if there are no sudden changes in volume during the sweep, then your ears are (still) ok. Make sure to use a sine wave.

Anyway, re the detuning, if some frequencies sound missing, I would start by checking the acoustics, actually. Room modes have a tendency to eat narrow bands of frequencies.

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