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Silver Bells by Sonicade

Round 54
Author Sonicade
Title Silver Bells
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Module Link sdc54_Sonicade-Silver_Bells.xrns
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Authors' Notes

Hey everyone, it's been awhile since I've entered. I was a bit rushed in putting this together so your mileage may vary. Hopefully it has some holiday cheer it in for you. Enjoy and greetings to all SDCompo trackers, listeners, commenters and voters!

Merry Christmas 2010!


Comment by JustinCredible on 2010-12-19 04:36:33


finally a new Sonicade track :)
It begins playing and instantly it feels like coming home - strong percussions, xlnt mixing and that extra little bit of Sonicade style.

You should really enter more frequent, your tunes always are an enrichment :)

Best wishes and Merry Christmas


Comment by Sallecta on 2010-12-19 10:30:32

Hi, Sonicade

This track has excellent beats and bass (clear and pumping). The melody is good and brings celebration atmosphere. The acid sounds and string pads seats well in background. So, it is OK in each track component, however all tracks components together provides no harmony. IMHO, that kind of melody totally incompatible with modern beats and bass, I can only imagine this melody without any beat-line.

Thus, good, but incompatible, components makes this track not good, but neutral (like automix by some robot).
This track can be passed to children ears with 100% safe guarantee.

Sorry for that words, don't keep it in mind, I can mistake.

Merry Christmas

Comment by nt on 2010-12-19 16:18:59

paaaaaaarappapammpammm :D

Dancy remix that delivers the Christmas mood very well!
I really like the drum fills you created on the snare2 track. Sounds like you'd have a drumloop playing in the background but it's hand made. Great!

Very easy to listen to and enjoyable. Good job!

Merry Christmas!

Comment by juolac on 2010-12-19 16:40:17

Catchy intro with a drummer boy from the nineties!
The drums and base could be re-used as body for many songs in my opinion.
The ending bells could have been used more, to build a break or something.
I already want to do a little remix of this..

Comment by Airmann on 2010-12-23 14:52:06

First: great mix !
Clean sounds, good levels, maybe hats just a bit (!) lower ?

Though it's really nice and I like it: at some points it has slight feel of a synth / drum machine demo song.

Otherwise great.

Comment by cralias on 2010-12-24 20:26:33

And Xmas party DJ says: Long time no see; back with this really great, groovy, merry Xmas mashup, true Sonicade style! Dance! :)

Comment by organic_io on 2011-01-27 09:55:18

Dude somehow I missed this last month... Good to hear a new one from you. Awesome! Silverbells is one of my favorite christmas songs... So this is great :)

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