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Ueberschall by JustinCredible

Round 57
Author JustinCredible
Title Ueberschall
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Authors' Notes


this is "Ueberschall" which is german for Supersonic.
As always i hope you'll like it :)

Make some noise :D



Comment by Chotoro on 2011-05-07 18:05:15

Listening to this after Airmann's entry, this feels like it's the next song on the same album. Not the same sound, but the same "theme" somehow. It does lack some thematic variation though.

The lead sound on the Bassline02 track at pattern 16 (2:08) sounds mid-heavy, like it's in a can. Actually, the mix overall too, but not by as much. I tried an EQ10 on the master track and took 1-3khz down 2db or so and 5-15-khz up a bit seems to balance it out a little, at least for me.

I also feel the song "grooves" better in either 110 or 130 bpm, but that may be because of my allergy to 120bpm, since it used to be the default in some trackers :p. Maybe it was in Renoise too?

Comment by chunter on 2011-05-07 22:14:24

This reminds me of the kind of track that would have one of those airy samples from movie dialogue during that quiet bit at 1:40. I appreciate the moderate tempo- everything seems to have to be at 140+ bpm anymore. If 120bpm becomes a common criticism, try 118 or 121 instead. ;)

Comment by JustinCredible on 2011-05-09 05:00:40

To be honest, the main idea for this track and some of the percussion elements were relatively old - so that i used some older xrns files as basis.
After i rewrote all of it and added some additional channels to finish the song, i again ran out of time to do some final mastering - therefore everything ended pretty much unmastered (or mastered the way i did it about a year ago).

120 bpm - for the win !!!

Comment by Marko on 2011-05-09 10:41:08

I think the base of this track is too repetitive.

Comment by organic_io on 2011-05-09 11:07:11

Hey Justin. Nice solid dance beat as usual! I think the mixing is good. There's enough "bump" where there needs to be and the synths sound very clear to my ears. I like the acid synths. However I think you are really really ready to break out of your box. Specifically, I mean songs that have the same bass note throughout the whole song -- This is essentially a song with no chord progression at all. You might be surprised at what happens if you challenge yourself a little more with the songwriting aspect of tracking.


Comment by Airmann on 2011-05-10 16:58:58

The acid-like synthline at 2:11 sounds really great ! Your drum programming is really nice and has much variation compared to the bassline - which easily could be made more interesting by changing the basenote at least once or so. 3:25+ is cool. Mix sounds good, but I think Chotoro is right about it being a bit "mid heavy". Maybe just the levels of some synth in this freq-range is too high ?

Anyway, really like the synthline also at the end of song.

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