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Amphibulated by u4ic

Round 62
Author u4ic
Title Amphibulated
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Authors' Notes

DJ-U4iC - Amphibulated
SDC Round #62 Entry

First time in many years, using only Renoise as a sole DAW. Usually I bounce around quite a bit while creating a song. Im very happy with the quality of this sample pack and have done some crazy modifications to some of the samples involved (All using internal effects). Hopefully this will be inspiration or at least a learning point for others.


Comment by Knetter on 2011-12-01 12:44:55

I love what you did with the sounds. It sounds quite abstract, which is in your case a cool thing. :)

Comment by plusminus on 2011-12-01 14:27:25

Glad to see someone else on SDCompo doing techno... and doing a better job of it than me, this round! ;)

Despite being built around repetition, as is usual with techno, there's quite a lot of variation found here. Things like the added melodic synths and the breakaway from the 4/4 bassdrum pattern shift the mood around, but it still stays very cohesive sounding. The attention to detail in both composition and mixing comes through. Great track overall!

(full disclosure: the netlabel I help run has just welcomed U4iC to release music with us. I like this track, but not because he's part of our group; rather, he's a part of it because we like his tracks.)

Comment by Airmann on 2011-12-01 14:42:58

Hey welcome to combo :-)
Yeah atmospheric techno ! Pad-synth reminds me to technotronic's pump up the jam. Sound fx / design is indeed nice.
Part at 4:25++ - 5:00 rocks. Love the groove and drums in this part.

And BTW: all in the one-liners mentioned DAW's are actually in the one or other way awesome. I just was indeed very overwhelmed by ableton recently.

BTW2: I have overlooked your one-liner which mentions rewiring ableton and Renoise. This is very interesting. I only used rewire so far for audio routing.
How can automation be rewired, and what about delays / latencies ?

Greetings to CA

Comment by waterhead on 2011-12-02 04:26:54

Nice "pressure" in the overall sound, and for me, your variations (like 1:22-1:30, 3:24+, 4:30) made the song very interesting to listen to, and surprised me over and over again, with it's general sound diversity and appearance. "Athmospheric techno" was already mentioned in the commments, and I have to confess that I thought: sounds like an oxymoron. But in the end I agree: even if the term is new for me, it perfectly fits your sound, and it's no oxymoron at all.

Comment by agargara on 2011-12-02 04:50:51

Hypnotizing. I really like the DSP chain on ChordPad, it gives it a lot of character. Good use of the tabla samples - I was surprised to see you didn't change them much at all, because they sound so different in the context of the song! I really like the change in the kick starting in Pattern 72, it injects a lot of new energy into the track.

I don't know much about techno but I recognize good production when I see it. I hope to see more entries from you in future SDCompos!

Comment by tenfour on 2011-12-02 16:56:13

Yea the new drum pattern around pattern 72 is really nice - has more groove than the previous and projects the song forward. The HiHat2 track gets a bit annoying after a while; it's too intense or something.

ChordPad is a really cool FX chain - I hope others here get a chance to check that out. I also love how you worked with the FX5 sample in AcidLead track.

Comment by chunter on 2011-12-04 18:08:45

Good bass sound, great sense of composition. As +/- said, you have a good sense for what drives the piece forward in this style. Looking forward to more entries like this, well done.

Comment by u4ic on 2011-12-04 20:33:27

Airmann: Basically any Midi CC can be sent through rewire to any available track. I am thinking of making a few screen-casts that cover the little tricks that make things easier - Including controller mapping in Ableton and Renoise/Ableton rewiring. I will make it a point to do the rewire screen-cast first. Rewire takes care of the latencies for you, exactly like midi syncing multiple devices, but it takes care of the buffer/latency issues for you, plus the track positioning is always aligned (If you click on the 8'th measure in Ableton, Playback in renoise would also match to the 8th measure). Its probably one of the most powerful features that get overlooked. I mean, Ableton's sidechain compression is much better then a Renoise DSP chain of Signal follower reversed to a gainer etc.. but, by routing between eachother, you could use ableton for just its effects chain on two channels in renoise.. More to come. Do not want to give all my spoilers yet lol.

tenfour: Thanks for the advice, New headphones and just moved, so down to some old small speakers. Hi-hats are one of the most overlooked parts of anyone's music and I thank you for bringing this up. Im not sure if its an issue with the volume or just being too much of the same (repetition) in that frequency range. Because of this, I will be sure to put that little extra TLC in the high end next time ;). I usually make it a point that every channel gets some variation throughout the composition of the song, but hey.. You caught me this time =)

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