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Mary Did You Know by Shadowbane

Round 63
Author Shadowbane
Title Mary Did You Know
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Module Link sdc63_Shadowbane-MARY_DID_YOU_KNOW.xrns
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Authors' Notes

Didn't really have time to polish this one. I had the idea to do this piece in a somewhat industrial style at about 10:00PM christmas evening, and then had family over for my birthday today. There were supposed to be vocals in place of the distortad piano that sounds somewhat like a guitar in the lead spot. (hence the track named "vox" in the file, not that anyone will look at it)


Comment by chunter on 2011-12-29 21:51:44

Happy birthday! This sounds like it could be used in a demo- I'd play with the instrument balance a little bit, but I don't have anything particular to suggest, it sounds good! Thanks for getting an entry in.

Comment by Knetter on 2012-01-02 12:32:56

Hi Shadowbane,

With some imagination I can hear a Xmas theme here ;) Nice melodies and mood! The beat is perhaps a bit too unpolished I think. The arp is indeed very demoish, I like it!
@Chunter, I can see you putting your famous voice computer under it!

happy 2012!

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