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this one by ambtax1

Round 67
Author ambtax1
Title this one
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Authors' Notes


Comment by Shadowbane on 2012-06-21 01:11:25

I love the instrumental stuff, esp the wooden sounding instrument that is panned slightly to the left and played in low mid frequencies near the beginning and end of the piece.

The vocals however feel like they could use more bass and treble. Maybe try bringing up the low and high frequencies some with an eq? There are also several moments in the first half where the vocals seem to have a different amount of energy than the rest of the music does, at some points too much and at some points too little.

Comment by organic_io on 2012-06-21 11:07:11

Hey buddy. I already said some things on Soundcloud but I'll write more here :)
Really like this one. Reminds me of some early Bjork stuff for some reason. I think it's the bassline and the overall dance vibe of it.
I think the vocals sound really good and overall sit well in the mix, -except- during the intro where they sound muffled and I'm not sure why... Maybe try bringing the level up just during that part?
As always, your vocals are beautiful and expressive. You've really got a talent for finding these charming melodies and progressions.
The instrumentation and synths have that typical ambtax1 feel. Which is definitely not a bad thing. But perhaps you may want to try breaking out of your own box a little more? Taking a completely different approach to songwriting and/or production may help inspire you a bit? :)
I'm really liking the break section in the middle, really classy lead synth and fleeting melodies. The vocal here again sounds a bit too low in the mix, I know it's more of an accent here. Still it just sounds muffled. For this section for the vocals, I'd probably cut the midrange more, boost the highs (3khz) to give it more breathiness, and then give it more stereo presence in the mix. ?? Just an idea though.
Overall, a really solid track, one that will go down in the ever growing anthology of ambtax1 history :)

Peace man, good luck in the round... and may I also say "Thank you" for being my friend. :)

Comment by hexmode on 2012-06-22 16:50:28

Great upbeat vibe to the track. Really great collection of synth sounds you have come up with, and I like the driving bass. It has a good structure and it changes up well to keep things interesting throughout, lots of great ideas in the track.

I like the bit when it gets mellow, and really like that little echoey popcorn sound that comes in at 0:33 (I have no idea how to describe that correctly!)

I like the sweeping filters you use on the leads at points, think those work really well and you use them skillfully.

I think maybe the kick and snare could have been mixed a little bit louder.

I also have a definite soft spot for that steel drum synth sound, although i'll admit mostly though because it reminded me of "donkey rhubarb" by aphex twin.. good times :D

Comment by tenfour on 2012-06-23 14:07:44

Agree with others that the vocal track needs some kind of small TLC to make it more perfect. A more natural EQ and more compression?

I love all the synth backing tracks and how you vary every portion of the song. For example @ 0:40, the ghostly synth sound ... I think it's one of those things a lot of people will not hear, though the song begs for it. Same with the background effect at 1:25. Makes it a really engaging listen, especially for something so atmospheric. I have a visual of a tree gracefully growing branches or something. Same with all the different drum patterns you use everywhere.

For much of the song you hang on a certain chord for a long time... then it changes. I think this change is really quite dramatic, and it would have been nice if you supported it more.

Bravo! Do you mind posting the lyrics?

Comment by chunter on 2012-06-23 20:20:21

I understand why O io says it sounds like Bjork, it's that melody she likes when she finds the top of her range...

I made a quick and rough mix with the compression boosted a little and a cabinet sim on 35% gain, 35% wet, and 100% dry, that made the vocal jump out, at the source it is very legible, good job! (The result I get from the cab sim is bluesy/dirty, a clean, expensive compressor could do the job just as well and still sound natural.)

Comment by Sallecta on 2012-06-24 16:47:07

its my favorite.

Comment by ambtax1 on 2012-06-25 17:12:19

Thanks for the comments guys. I'm terrible at mixing. I need to start sending some stuff out for mixing!
I am totally stuck in a box with music Scott and I don't know how to get out of it!!
Any ideas would be very welcome. :) I am thinking of doing more 3 or 6 beats to the bar stuff. Or maybe alternate timing. I don't know. Listening to more varieties of music might help.

It feels like,
Standing alone,
It feels like,
Pathways unknown,
I feel safe,
Safe here with you,
See no way,
I don't know what to do,
I see no way through.....

(Edit:I chopped out a lot of this mid section because it sounded odd)

Staring straight ahead,
Footsteps but don't know where to tread,
Discarded empty and disgraced,
Blurred lines fading - not to be traced,
Fractured memories and distant sounds,
Twirling, seeping, tilting ground,
Always land upon my feet,
Follow me now onto defeat....

You feel like,
You don't know what to say,
You feel like,
You much prefer to stray,
Don't feel scared,
It's safe here with me,
We've come prepared,
It's all yet to be...

Comment by Airmann on 2012-06-25 18:13:25

0:36+ roxx !!! like it as I've already replied. Mixing wise I think less overall reverb would fit better.

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