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Electric Plastic Park by chunter

Round 67
Author chunter
Title Electric Plastic Park
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Module Link sdc67_chunter-sdc67-electricplasticpark.xrns
Filesize 624KB
Score 5, 4, 4, 4, 3, 3Total Points: 23 (6 Votes)
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Authors' Notes

I worked on a tune for three weeks, then threw it out and made this in a day. FreeAlpha is alright but I don't think I have the full hang of its functionality. It needs longer envelope release times. ;)


Comment by organic_io on 2012-06-21 11:29:29

Hey Chris!

Any chance you could put up a link of the discarded song? I'd like to hear it too.
It's weird, this song comes after tenfour's in my playlist and you both used a similar e-piano sound. At first I almost thought it was another part of tenfour's song.

This is a pleasant listen overall. The percussion section is solid, and it's got some interesting harmonies. I think the lead synth is mixed too loud and it's standing out at me too much. I also can't help but feel like there is something missing from this song.

But it's really weird, despite the poppy rhythm and happy sounding lead, there is an underlying melancholy placed by the slightly discordant e-piano riffs. It's a really unique contrast.

Well done :)

Comment by hexmode on 2012-06-22 17:01:21

Lots of nice synths, especially that main electric organ, I really like the sound of that.

Overall the track has a very nice upbeat vibe to it, with a hint of wistfulness here and there, I like that mix :)

It has lots of nice chord progressions and melodies, and a good driving beat and rhythm throughout the song.

Really nice track :)

Comment by tenfour on 2012-06-23 14:12:40

Well composed indeed. And I'm a sucker for C64 sounding leads like this so ... you've earned a vote for sure. Love how the chord progression goes. I do agree with o_io that there's something missing here. Maybe the section around 1:50 could use a bigger change in the drum pattern, and lead to some kind of climax instead of simply repeating back to the A section.

Maybe this is meaningless but I think the tempo you chose is really perfect. I think one nudge slower or faster, and the song would lose this wonderful character you managed to create here. Maybe this is a testament to the synergy between the instruments and to the form overall.

Comment by Airmann on 2012-06-25 18:11:02

Hey Chris. Love the progression and melodie(s). Mixing I think that the squeaky lead is much too dominant / loud.
A very respectable effort for just one day.

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