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Semiconscious by Din

Round 89
Author Din
Title Semiconscious
MP3 Link - Semiconscious (SDCompo89).mp3
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Authors' Notes

Another 2-step chillout tune using a Byzantine scale laid over a relative minor. Featuring an improvised lead (fairly basic but genuinely improvised ;) and lots of heavy reverb and delay. Thanks to A-Lin, Directionless, and organic io for the rendered Reaktor presets.


Comment by directionless on 2015-01-23 09:29:23

That's great that you improvised the lead. So did you make some structure and then play Renoise in record mode and jam on a keyboard? I like that break at 3:06, its nice. That scale laid over a minor makes this sound very eastern. Your ambient textures and the way they blend with the beats is really awesome. Chill tune with a dark undertone. :)

Comment by ballacr75 on 2015-01-24 12:26:40

Wonderful sounds, great athmo! good luck!

Comment by Ahornberg on 2015-01-25 06:57:11

camels in the desert, the sun is burning down ... you made a great soundscape here.

and i find your doofer "din leslie" mentionworth!

Comment by A-Lin on 2015-01-27 02:02:37

Yeah, great soundscape and it's interesting to listen to a different scale, you've definitely done a really good job. Would suit well a Prince of Persia game or so.

Comment by Din on 2015-01-28 17:46:37

@ directionless, the improvised lead happened almost dead last in the composition process. I usually come up with melodies last, since my primary interests are rhythm, texturing, and chord progressions. I used my handy dandy little M-Audio Oxygen25 to record my performance, but I still had to go through every single pattern and manually quantize most of the note-ons. I'll blame the sloppy timing on my lack of practice rather than on Renoise.

@ ballacr75, thanks man :)

@ Ahornberg, thanks to you as well. I need to tweak my Leslie doofer, though. The panning and tremolo coincide and give a lopsided stereo image, which isn't what a real Leslie does. It's tricky to pull off, though :S

@ A-Lin, I love the soundtracks for most of the newer Prince of Persia games (Warrior Within overused Godsmack in the extreme :P), so that's a huge compliment :D I'm liking how the Byzantine scale adds an exotic feel to a relative minor scale. Lots of unconventional intervals to play with >:)

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