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500 by chunter

Round 89
Author chunter
Title 500
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Authors' Notes

I've been having network issues. I'll come back and write the description in comments, or you can read it in the xrns file.


Comment by chunter on 2015-01-22 18:37:18

Native Instruments plugins kill my little computer's CPU, so I could only play a few notes at a time before I had to render and get some power back.

I made a rhythm from two instances of Newscool and a noise and snare in Carbon, then came up with the circle 5ths motif. I made an imitation Taurus bass and pad in Carbon, the bells and then the plucks, taking a lot of the sparkle off the synth to make sure they can sit in the mix since once everything is going my computer can't play in real time anymore. Since the baby's been particularly fussy over the past couple weeks, it was hard to find time to work, I don't feel this is finished. In the future, I may redo it with "lighter" instruments so I can give it a proper melody.

Also, I bet that bitcoin miner bot that infected my computer wasn't helping either.

Comment by directionless on 2015-01-22 21:00:12

Damn bitcoin!

Wow this sounds real nice! I love the vibe and arrangement. Despite the technical challenges, this round seemed to do well for the creativity indeed. Very cool drums dude. What I like about this, despite being samples of a softsynth, this has a very real synth feel to it. I really really like it. Just my cup of tea. Thanks for the cool track. If you redo, you could even just expand it, I dunno.. I like those heavy instruments. :)

Comment by Ahornberg on 2015-01-25 07:00:17

the link to your xrns-file seems broken ... can't download it.

Comment by Ahornberg on 2015-01-25 07:08:05

the harmonic modulations at the beginning sound very well done ... the drums feel humanized and realistic to me ... fine work!

Comment by A-Lin on 2015-01-27 02:24:12

Very clean, as usual with chunter. I like how the chord progression seems to be ever evolving.

Comment by chunter on 2015-01-27 12:59:56

Thanks for the comments, everyone, the .xrns can be found here

Comment by Ahornberg on 2015-01-28 13:16:56

thank you for the link

Comment by Din on 2015-01-28 17:34:47

This has a nice spacey quality to it, like floating through the vast emptiness with little twinkling stars standing out sharp and clear in the immense distance. But in a mindset of curiosity and exploration, not one of loneliness or fear. It actually reminds me some of the more boisterous music from Super Mario Galaxy, a nice 'explore the oddities of space' game with a nice diverse soundtrack. I hate always falling back on comparisons with video game soundtracks (doh!), but once again that's the best I can come up with :)

Viruses indeed suck >:(

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