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What is the Soundevotion Competition?

The Soundevotion Competition is a music tracking competition. To learn more about the Soundevotion Competition see the About page.

What do I need to get started?

First you will need a music tracking program to create your song.

We recommend Renoise which is available for PC Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Psycle and Modplug are also popular formats and are accepted at SDCompo.

The Renoise Wiki Tutorial Pages feature many resources to help you get started with Renoise including documentation and video tutorials. (available in English or Japanese)

How do I enter the SounDevotion Competition?

It's easy!

1. Create a login at to track your progress in the competitions.

2. Download the Samplepack (available after logging in).

3. Track a great song and Submit your tracked entry module before the tracking deadline ends. Be sure to follow the Rules of the current round.

4. After the tracking deadline is up, voting will begin. Vote by listening to all the entries and then selecting your top five favorites. (Note: You must have an entry in the round in order to vote.)

Thats it! After the voting round has finished, Results will be posted on the Results page.

How to contribute a Samplepack!

If you have an idea for a samplepack or want to contribute one for a future round, Contact us by email or post your idea in the Theme Ideas forum. When sending your samplepack by email do not include the samplepack as an attachment. Include a description of your idea and/or a url to your samplepack. We will contact you when your samplepack is selected.

I've lost my password! I can't find it anywhere! Help!

To retrieve your password use the Forgot Password page.

I can't login and I know my password is correct.

Make sure your browser is accepting the cookie. If you are certain that cookies are enabled in your browser and still cannot login please Contact support.

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