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A-Lin's Profile

Nick Name A-Lin
Country France

Entries by A-Lin

Round 70 Against the tree
Round 71 Chocolate64
Round 72 Kids on the Slide
Round 73 RealityDream
Round 74 Yellow Sorrow
Round 75 Corelli Opus 5 snippet
Round 76 Mistroscopical
Round 77 Pomme contre point
Round 78 Sun Fresh Air
Round 83 Light Move
Round 84 Hidden in the Woods
Round 86 Crazy
Round 87 Bungy Jump
Round 88 The Hologram
Round 89 Quintuple Orbital

My first tracker was Equinox Soundtracker on Atari ST. I'll never forget that feeling of excitement when I got my hands on it. As years passed I played with more traditional music sequencers but would keep coming back to the tracker-style because I felt more creative with it. Today I am using Renoise almost exclusively.

I find SDCompo to be an incredible motivational boost for keeping tracking and uplifting my own standard.

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