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Airmann's Profile

Nick Name Airmann
Full Name N/A
Interests music and art, song writing, composing and production, demos and videos
Occupation IT
Country Germany

Entries by Airmann

Round 29 Nerve Trippin'
Round 30 Rainy Sun
Round 31 Meaning Of Life
Round 32 Turbulences
Round 33 Ruth ank amon Exodus Remix
Round 34 Born 2 Die
Round 35 We Come In Peace
Round 36 One Hot Minute
Round 38 Happy to Sad
Round 39 Shine On
Round 40 Someday Soon
Round 41 Johann I'm sorry
Round 42 Space Walk
Round 43 Brother (Mickrip REMIX)
Round 44 Night Flight
Round 45 Analogue Electronica
Round 46 Avatar 0_5
Round 47 The One And Only
Round 48 R3SISTOR
Round 50 Five Ooooo
Round 51 The Pros
Round 54 unfinished
Round 57 Unleashed
Round 65 A riff
Round 66 BTTR
Round 68 Invisible
Round 72 Spanish Mood
Round 73 Diggin' Deeper
Round 81 Mezzo Mezzo
Round 83 Lilium
Round 85 Seducer's Seed
Round 87 Pillar Of Cloud And Fire
Round 88 Wise Men's Headcrash

With JustinCredible Freaks Are Us

Started composing and tracking 1988. Amiga demo scene had a big impact on me, whereas I never was a part of it.
First trackers: Ultimate Soundtracker by Karsten Obarski, nowadays Renoise and Reaper.

Besides electronic stuff I also like to play on natural instruments like guitar and piano.
Tries steadily to improve his mixing and mastering skills

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