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Nick Name KungFuFurby
Interests Music composition, game creation
Country United States

Entries by KungFuFurby

Round 49 How Not to be Classical
Round 50 Shadow of Shadows
Round 51 SynthMania

I've composed music mostly for games (none of them were commercial) using my handy dandy Schism Tracker for Mac OS X. No Intel Mac required. ^_^ Plus, your MP3s and OGG files are all I need to listen to these tunes, as I feel as though I should listen to them as they were rendered, rather than run into compatibility issues related to me not having the right plugins or... worse, a version that I can't get.

These days, I'm on Stencyl making music for other people's games. I've even made one of my own!

My Works List (Stencyl Games)

Now in mourning for the iMac G5 running Mac OS X 10.4.11...

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