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Marko's Profile

Nick Name Marko
Full Name Marko Näivö
Interests music, revue theatre
Occupation Senior Systems Analyst
Country Finland

Entries by Marko

Round 18 Alone On Windy Moon
Round 19 Impro tuning before Sara
Round 20 Taikamalja
Round 23 Razor Street
Round 28 Canto Border on Arbitrariness
Round 29 Icicle ark at crusades
Round 32 Curved Gate in Moonlight
Round 33 Marmicas
Round 36 Stones behind a splinter rain
Round 41 Canon in D (Variation)
Round 43 M-ode to Olli
Round 46 Yellow fox on the road
Round 51 Heat wave
Round 58 Wet moor
Round 68 Brother you trust
Round 74 Unrealized glistening on alumium

Music is my most meaningful hobby. I studied classic singing ( graduated at spring 2008 ) but also sung pop music etc, before the studies. I play occasionally my keyboard, Roland E-14, which was also my tool for composing beside the imagination. On composing I am a beginner, and it was autumn ´06 I got the first touch on a tracker software (Psycle). It's not easy to get familiar with sound technical things. Even you forget what you have learnt...

Visited one group for singing pop music, during the period from autumn 2011 to spring 2012.
The experience was ok, and even it made to feel myself like a musician (in a quartet training),
as at the same I had to read the sheet, accompany by electric piano, and sing to microphone direction.
I hadn't done that earlier.

Still at MiReLa I kept on writing vocal arrangements, when needed.

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