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Shadowbane's Profile

Nick Name Shadowbane
Full Name Dan
Interests Music and animation
Occupation student
State/Province MI
Country United States

Entries by Shadowbane

Round 23 That great party in the sky
Round 24 The art of banging on stuff with sticks
Round 25 Electron Flow (live)
Round 27 raspberry sherbet
Round 29 Haphazard Nostalgia
Round 30 Mechanical Jungle
Round 33 The First Casualty...
Round 38 Lift
Round 40 Abandoned
Round 42 A Light In The Darkness
Round 44 Puddle Drops
Round 49 Wandering Mind
Round 50 Anthem for round 50
Round 58 Response
Round 61 Ghosts
Round 62 Conquerors Of Dawn
Round 63 Mary Did You Know
Round 66 Dayfall
Round 67 Fight!
Round 68 A song in no way related to marching unicorns
Round 74 Take Three
Round 75 Hit The Streets
Round 80 Industry
Round 84 Mixed so well.

Hi, everybody!

I am a kind of random musician who hasn't really found my niche yet..
That and I tend to track anything that isn't mainstream electronic stuff.

Look forward to all future compos that I can enter, and all your feedback (especially the negative, so I can get better)

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