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Steve's Profile

Nick Name Steve
Full Name Stephen Robertson
Interests Music, programming
Occupation Software Developer
State/Province Western Cape
Country South Africa

Entries by Steve

Round 17 Long Night on the Moon
Round 18 Swinging From An Elm
Round 21 A race around the world
Round 43 A glass half full
Round 47 Help I'm Alive (Metric cover)
Round 55 Descent 1 Round 2 Remix
Round 69 Negative mass demon
Round 75 Deadmau5 - October

Discovered trackers in 2005 in the form of Psycle. From there I heard about SDCompo where I learnt about Renoise.

After a while I transitioned to Renoise, and have been using it since.

I also play a bit of guitar and enjoy listening to a wide variety of music.

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