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andyray's Profile

Nick Name andyray
Full Name Anders Ramsay
State/Province Stockholm
Country Sweden

Entries by andyray

Round 06 Nolans Gearbox
Round 07 Orange Pebbles
Round 08 The Inflatable Flower-pot
Round 09 The Adventures Of Redden Alt Mer
Round 10 Three for the Price of One
Round 13 Springy Black Mohair
Round 14 scrubbing out my closet
Round 15 Picking a dogend
Round 16 SOLARIS
Round 19 BeanSprout
Round 27 NUMBER 27
Round 28 BRUCE
Round 30 Those Days Are Gone
Round 31 A Little Ditty
Round 32 Coin Phrase
Round 36 The Coypu Lick
Round 37 Woot Now
Round 44 Ridley Scott went out for a beer but never came back
Round 48 Behepan
Round 50 You Know Something
Round 52 CheeseSandwich & Coffee
Round 59 White Stare
Round 64 The Straw Theory
Round 66 Copper Fields
Round 75 Spotlight
Round 76 A little dittier
Round 79 Double Deed
Round 80 Taking it on the low side

I Started tracking in 87 with soundtracker then moved on through the various Amiga Trackers, Pc Trackers and now Renoise...
Until 94 I was heavily into the demo scene and worked under the alias , Dolphin/ Noxious..
I play the guitar occasionally and I'm mostly producing some kind of electronic music but it happens that I start one or two regular tracks as well..


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