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chunter's Profile

Nick Name chunter
Full Name Christopher Hunter
Interests Music, Motorsport, Football
Occupation Telephone/Internet Customer Service
Country United States
AIM chunter203908
Yahoo! chunter16

Entries by chunter

Round 28 Sunshower
Round 29 What the Dub
Round 30 A 90s Platform Game
Round 31 Amoxicilin For Ears
Round 32 Ordinary Day
Round 33 Music By Numbers (chunter remix)
Round 34 darkest night of the year
Round 35 It's a New Day
Round 36 All My Days
Round 37 Look Intro
Round 38 Unfinished
Round 39 Simple Things
Round 40 Past the Apex
Round 41 Solfeggietto
Round 42 (This Is a) Test
Round 43 capslock
Round 44 Found, At the Edge of the Forest
Round 45 Away In a Manger
Round 46 San Agustin
Round 47 On a Rainy Day
Round 48 Don't Ever Let It Stop
Round 49 Lydia Valley and Lydia Cave
Round 50 Congratulations!
Round 51 We Hold These Truths
Round 52 Sharpness
Round 53 No Wasted Time
Round 54 Snowflakes
Round 55 At the Cave Entrance, Where the Fairy Queen Waits Inside
Round 56 Seven Lucky Gods
Round 57 Springtime Air
Round 58 Missing Piece
Round 59 I Will Find You feat. Momone Momo
Round 60 Kyori no Yume feat. Kasane Teto and Momone Momo
Round 61 No Estoy Seguro (I'm Not Sure)
Round 62 Sekai ga Mawaru (The World Turns) feat. Momone Momo and Kasane Teto
Round 63 Adeste Fideles
Round 64 You Remembered
Round 65 Don't Cry (Nakanaide) feat. Momone Momo
Round 66 Morning By Gulfside
Round 67 Electric Plastic Park
Round 68 Muscle Memory
Round 69 Backwards in Time, Faster than Light
Round 70 Joy to the World
Round 71 You Said and Smiled
Round 72 die Zug
Round 73 Human Touch Experiment
Round 74 Dark Junorganics
Round 75 Pictures of Success
Round 76 FMB
Round 77 4, 3, 2, 1
Round 78 Deep Freeze
Round 79 Incredible Edible Id
Round 80 Motor Jam
Round 81 Don't Let Them Beat You
Round 82 Doo Hoo
Round 83 I Wonder If We'll Make It
Round 84 Another Step
Round 85 When New Ideas Don't Work Try Old Ones
Round 86 We Make the Future
Round 87 Speed of What
Round 88 Was It Only a Dream?
Round 89 500

Multi-instrumentalist musician since 1984.

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