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Nick Name groovyone
Full Name Groovy One!
Interests Composition, Sound Design
Occupation Game Composer / Sound Designer / Sound Engineer
Country United States

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Well, here I am. Still alive, and still tracking!

This little black duck is 0lD-sK0ol (note the use of lower and upper case - that's typically oldskool). Actually, I think we're into 2nd generation old-skool now.

I've been tracking longer than some of you have been alive. Add the 18 years feather to my cap!

I've written music for about 21 years and played music for about 28!

I've been playing around with Psycle a bit, but really it has started to suck badly, and Renoise does everything I could want it to do [besides supporting multi-out VSTs properly], and it's STABLE!

I don't have a favourite genre to compose in anymore.

My daily lot in life has become more interesting in the last few years as I've worked my ass off to become a successful audio professional in the computer game industry. Yes.. I make sound for games and get paid for it. Much better for my hair line than trying to keep actuaries happy while moving data out of their buggy legacy systems into some flashy new software that requires all data entry staff to require a 3ghz P4 with 19" screens to run at little more than crawl speed when they were perfectly happy before with their luminescent green 13" terminals and lightning fast responses.

My qualifications include
1. Bachelors Degree in Computer Science
2. Diploma of Audio Engineering

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