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Nick Name johndoe007
Full Name Ahote Nordekai
Occupation medical
State/Province Virginia
Country United States
Yahoo! radiologicalpapabear

only been tracking for about a year now. i get better as i go, practice practice practice and all. started tracking on Madtracker, and i absolutely love it. definitely not hating on all you renoise guys, but i'll probably stay with Madtracker. yeah, i know it hasn't been updated in years, but hey, life happens. lord knows i understand that. over the past couple months there's been some progress on making it open source. i'd love it. i tried modplug, but it just didn't feel right. Madtracker just fits ... ya know? it's like preferring a fender over a gibson.

been playing piano since i was five, parents took me out of lessons when i was twelve because i never really learned how to read sheet music. everything i learned, i learned by ear. still do. always will. with that background, most of my stuff is very piano oriented. it's my own personal taste, and i know it's not for everybody.

i doubt my music is good enough to even enter this competition. been looking for a site for a long time where people simply review other people's music. all i have are my close friends who listen and say "it's great!" or something simple like that. granted the guys over with Madtracker can be more detailed, but i hate bugging them about it.

if you ever want to hit me up, i'm usually on yahoo, almost always on skype. 'radiopapabear' on skype, 'radiologicalpapabear' on YIM. i work night shift which is when i'm online, so i may disappear for hours on end. email is usually the best way to get my attention at first.

have fun guys
he who does not continue to learn, has learned nothing.

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