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Sonicade's Profile

Nick Name Sonicade
Full Name Kentaro Fischer
Interests Electronic Music, Movies/Movie Scores, PC Games/PC Game Music, Traveling, Billiards, Delicious Healthy Food, Japan
Occupation Human Being
State/Province California
Country United States
ICQ 26503148

Entries by Sonicade

Round 01 Reon Kadence
Round 02 Digital Intervention
Round 03 The Break of Dawn
Round 04 A Day At The Lake
Round 06 Departure
Round 07 Fair Weather
Round 09 Pickled Ginger
Round 11 The Beatles - Because
Round 14 Shortfall
Round 15 Looking for Work
Round 16 Oriental Flyby
Round 21 The Unknown
Round 23 Development
Round 28 Arabian Nights
Round 29 Back in 1985
Round 33 Orange Message
Round 43 Heart or Soul [Mix-it-up Remix]
Round 54 Silver Bells

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