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waterhead's Profile

Nick Name waterhead
Full Name Danny Oneway
Interests code, design, music, math, physics, electronics
Occupation Learning learner
Country Germany

Entries by waterhead

Round 01 Artificial Assumptions
Round 46 Some funky jamming
Round 59 You got to be the beat
Round 62 Realtime
Round 68 You got to feel it
Round 69 Romantic interlude
Round 70 Another day in the snow

Okay, time for updating this. Born december 1973, got my first computer 1982, grew into the demoscene, learned english from programming books long before I had that in school. Were pixel artist, made zak on YM2149 and ProTracker, learned C, 80x86 and 680XX-assembly. Studied economics at the university Bielefeld for a few years, but didn't finish that - too many unemployed people would have had the same useless diploma. Got a software developer instead. Worked in the game industry for some years, and as a freelancing developer afterwards. Then worked some years as an employee for a software-developer and web service provider.

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