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Results for Compo Round 81

Renoise (free demo download) is needed to play Renoise module (.XRNS) files. Entries that neglected to vote are marked AV for absent vote.

Place Author Title Filename Score/Votes
1st keith303 based on a true chipstory 35/7
2nd Airmann Mezzo Mezzo 25/7
3rd directionless Back in Track 23/7
4th chunter Don't Let Them Beat You sdc81_chunter-sdc81_dontletthembeatyou.xrns 13/7
5th organic_io 1SA / Lifeworks 13/6
6th ballacr75 autocadsemplando sdc81_ballacr75-AUTOCADSEMPLANDO.xrns 9/4
7th Carbonthief Tribute 2/2

Past Results

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