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Results for Compo Round 86

Renoise (free demo download) is needed to play Renoise module (.XRNS) files. Entries that neglected to vote are marked AV for absent vote.

Place Author Title Filename Score/Votes
1st A-Lin Crazy sdc86_A-Lin-Crazy_finalT.xrns 22/5
2nd directionless Chip Salad sdc86_directionless-ChipSalad.xrns 21/5
3rd chunter We Make the Future sdc86_chunter-sdc86-wemakethefuture.xrns 16/5
4th Carbonthief Too Much Effort sdc86_Carbonthief-toomucheffort.xrns 15/5
5th ballacr75 aspirina c64 9/5
6th Ahornberg Super Mario Plays A Real Chiptune 7/5

Past Results

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