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Past Results for Compo Round 2

Renoise (free demo download) is needed to play Renoise module (.XRNS) files. Entries that neglected to vote are marked AV for absent vote.

Place Author Title Filename Score/Votes
1st ruthlinde '85 Ninja Get-together 40/9
2nd Mickrip Actions and Words sdc2_Mick_Rippon-Actions_and_Words.rar 32/9
3rd groovyone DeBUT SDCompo2_groovyone_Debut.rar 27/9
4th Sonicade Digital Intervention sdc2_Sonicade-Digital_Intervention.rar 20/8
5th dj_status Terror of Love DJStatus-Terror_of_Love.rar 15/6
6th Aged i sent it back sdc2_aged-i_sent_it_back.rar 14/6
7th Chotoro Raging Pneumaniac 15/5
8th teajay Once upon again 10/5
9th RobWilliamsJnr Closing Time (Will you be there?) 3/1
10th fr0gr0ck HackT0TheFUTURE sdc2_fr0gr0ck_HackT0TheFUTURE.rar 2/1
10th Teagan Aggrandizer 2/1
11th organic_io stark contrast sdcround2_djio-stark_contrast.rar -/-

Past Results

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